Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Of Burberry Events & Torned Up Pants...

Erin Wasson - supermodel extraordinaire who's walked for many many top fashion designers, graced the covers of countless magazines and of course a girl like her would have walked for none other than Victoria Secret itself! And as if that's not enough, she also has her own jewellery design business, was a stylist for Alexander Wang and collaborated with RVCA for her own line of womenswear! How awesome can this girl be?? And of course she is super hot! I mean c'mon, what happened to "there is no such thing to having everything??"

Okies so the reason I'm ravin' on about Erin Wasson is because of a picture of her that I came across the other day (yes it's the one heading this post - duhh ppl hehehe :p). Oh how it caught my attention! I really really love her look! Her style is so so awesome and it's sooo my style! (if I ever get around to getting in shape that is! oh Skye you lazy bum you O.o) The grey blazer gives the whole outfit a subtle formality but still keeping the edge alive! (which I personally like! XD) The main star of this ensemble is of course the fashionably torn pants which looks amazing on her. Well, you know, with legs like hers she could have worn toilet paper and still would have looked sexy in them - true story :)

Taking away the pants and the blazer and it would have been an outfit that would have not caught the attention of any radar. I guess that is why she is who she is huh? An awesome style that compliments her smouldering looks so effin perfectly!


PS : Can't help it that she was also at a Burberry event! You
know Burberry being one of my favs! ;)
PS2 : Hmmm...now where is that scissors of mine...

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