Friday, June 10, 2011

Letters to God I

Dear God,

Does the time 11:11 really have any meaning to it? I have been noticing it a lot lately (these past few months already)...I've heard that it's supposedly a 'magical' (I'm not sure if magical is the right term :p) time and that it grants wishes and tells you that you are heading in the right path in your life...

Hmm, I tried wishing hahas - maybe there's a backlog coz I have yet to see those wishes come true (and FYI, my wishes aren't ridiculous - you've heard them haven't you ;)) and about my life being in the right path, I don't know...I see my life and it feels like I'm walking a hundred million paths (yes, I am a lil' dramatic, you know me hehe) at once...well all drama aside, it really does feel that way, seriously...

I know wishes don't just come true but I'd like to keep on wishing anyways because that means the kid in me is still alive and kickin'and that I have faith in hope even when it feels like I'm drowning grasping for breath and a kind helping hand...and God, I know you never meant for lives to be set on one single path. I mean where is the fun in living - the journey is what matters and probably my getting lost and stuck in these seemingly many many roads to redemption is a blessing in disguise (ehem, is there any way you can give me sign God :p hahas)...

Just so you'd know (I know its a little silly coz you're God and you see everything - show off blueek...kidding - please don't send me to Hell =\), I'm never giving up on my journey. I'm hitting bumps and potholes but hey, a little pain assures me that I'm just human and that happiness is just around the corner (right? hee ;)). So in the mean time, I'm gonna take 11:11 as a sign that You've got an angel to watch over me :)

Okies, untill another day - hope you're rockin' it up there in heaven or wherever it is you hang out. Peace out!

PS : Could You please make it rain a little more over here? I'm sorta missing it plus it's freakin' hot :)


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