Thursday, March 3, 2011

Of Punches & Paris...

Fendi AW11

'I got into a fight trying to save this young kid from being bullied' what I wish I could say :p in truth the cut on my lower lip (which is not thaaaat obvious pfft!) is actually due to dryness (dryness!! sheeesh...)...but it's just so much more glamorous being able to say the earlier, right? right? :p

In fact, I have never been punched before actually. So I really have no idea how it would feel like. Well I bet it would be more painful that what I'm feeling now (like duh!! -__-") do I want to be punched? hmmm...i have this motto where I tell myself, 'Try everything once Skye...' so i guess i want to be punched?...err...

Pucci AW11

Oh week moved on to Paris! aahh je t'aime :) i gotta, one year, take time off from work and follow the fashion week across US and Europe - especially New York, London, Paris and Milan!! well actually these are the major fashion cities to watch out for kekeke :p so many things, so little time!! (and money too hahas :p)...but dreams do come true. I believe in them although lately I've been struggling with some emotions that are not soo easy to let go off. Which makes me think (sometimes larr..) that dreaming big effin sucks!! But despite the struggles, I have and will always be a dreamer! :)

PS : John Galliano - oh dude, seriously?? anti-semitism and you expected what? the world would cheer you on?? seriously?? Well, Dior would not whither down without you, so there you go! lives on!!
PPS : Christian Dior, you looking for an upcoming designer? are you? are you? *points at self* =D
PPPS : You see, I'll always be a dreamer :) blueekk!!


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