Friday, March 19, 2010

Would you?...

I'm listening to Rachael Yamagata's Quiet. She sings about love that is lost. Lost without fight. Expected. Hurt and blame lay strewn on the floor but that is just what they do :

Her : 'You're leaving?'
Him : 'Yes...I am...'
Her : '...'

Would you involve yourself in a relationship that is destined to never last? You know that it would only end up in heartache and pain...would you still commit yourself?

Maybe at that point in time, you wont be able to have a choice...If you are someone that puts feelings and emotions before logic and rationale, then, you would definitely end up getting caught in the web...but then again how many of us can actually think when love is at stake? Humans are after all emotional beings and even the strongest and toughest of us will one day fall in love. And when that happens, it's hard to see beyond that point in time...

'It's strange what desire could make foolish people do...'

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