Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend Update (Yeah I know it's a little late haha...)

Friday Night :
Went for The Lovely Bones with CT. It was sudden last minute thingie. We felt very sien being in office on a friday night (ya, ya, I know...) so decided to go watch a movie. It was quite a nice movie actually. Totally felt like it was okay to die haha (just kidding ppl. Dun go callin' the police or anything :p).

Saturday :
Me and my sis was supposed to be at our cousin brother's apartment at 11am but ended up leaving for his place only at about 3pm kekeke...get this, I woke up at 10.30am and got ready. Was down in the living room watching TV while waiting for my sis and bro. After an hour an a half I fell asleep again while the TV was playing American Idol (I love Siobhan! :D) haha. Now you know the reason why we were late =\

We spent the rest of the day at Bari's (that's my cuz), finishing up all the filings and sortings. Did not eat the whole friggin' day and was super hungry at night. My sis suggested bak-ku-teh and I couldn't say no :p it was no Klang bakuteh but it didnt matter. We were hungry! We tapao-ed bakuteh for 4 ppl to be eaten by 2!!! Yeaps, we're pigs haha. You could have guessed how absolutely full we both were that night...We watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button while we ate and I scratched my head for close to the entire length of the movie trying to remember who the actress was (soooo stoopid me...how could I have forgotten Cate Blanchett?? I love her!!) ...my sis thought I was weird. But then again, I told her, I'm always weird kekeke :)

Sunday :
Me and my sis left for Muar at around 8.15am. We were headed for our cousin sister's 7 month preggers celebration thingie. The celebration was colorful (but very stuffy man...it's just sooo freakin hot everywhere in this country!) I tried being the camera girl for a little while but gave up after a short while coz I just couldnt get a good shot (whateva :p) What I was really looking forward to was the...food!!...you'd think that I would still be full from last nights' hogzilla-ish dinner but nooo...the smell of home cooked indian food was soo good. It tasted even better! yummehhh!!!! :D

We left Muar at around 5.30pm heading home. Made a quick stop at Port Dickson to drop off my aunt and continued our journey. OMG!! The effin traffic at the seremban freeway was just horrible!!! For a length that would have taken us 15minutes, we took an hour! 1 hour !! To make matters worse (and quite nice oso lo actually) it was pouring. Major cat & dog action! Me and my sis made the best of the situation. Stuck in the jam, we had our own little clubbin' session-singin' and dancin' ( I did the robot yo! haha!) in the car...ppl around would have thought we were crazy...we don't care!!!! woot!!woot!!!!

So we finally reached PJ at around 10.30pm. The rain was still pouring outside and the night was cool. I took my bath. Watched a little TV before heading up to go to bed (work the next day..sienness to the max..) Decided to surf the net first and had to force myself off my computer and into lala land (it was 1.30am...)...

So that was how my last weekend went. Kinduh long but enjoyed it :) Today is Tuesday and I'm sitting at my workstation wishing that it was time to go home. Distracting myself from work by blogging about my weekend...in any case, I have Friday to look forward to. Will be going for a girls night out at Changkat Bukit Bintang - dinner and drinks. You people out there do come on over and join us if you have the time :) It's always nice to meet new friends :D

Ciao for now xoxo

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