Monday, March 29, 2010

Please sir, can I have s'more?...

So I made this very impromptu plan to fly over to the UK this coming September. It truly was a spur of the moment thing and now I'm in a mix haha...a little nervous but very much excited :D

Never been so spontaneous before but this is just me being who I am. I'm never one to think too much but reality had conditioned me to be so for a very long time. Now, I'm breaking out of my mould...

2 weeks in UK. Not a very long time actually. Was hoping that I could spend a much longer time in the UK. But beggars can't be whiners haha. Well, you never know, I might just end up getting very much 'lost' over there. It is my dream to travel across Europe backpacking and all. So I'm taking this time to be sort of like my scouting time over there hehe...check out how it is over there and what I would need the next time (and oh trust me there will definitely be a next time) that I go over there for a much longer time :D

At the moment, I need to discipline myself to a lot of sacrifices to enable me to enjoy my trip =/ yes ppl, i'm cutting myself off from unwarranted expenses (such as eating dinner :p). But guess what? I just bought myself a brand new Blackberry :p so much for discipline huh Skye...well, I have limited my treats to the BB as well as a good quality camera and that's it basically...the rest of my money goes to my UK fund :D (anyone kind enuf to pour some charity into my fund :p hehehe...)

I have decided that all the sacrifices will be worth it. And once it has been decided then there is no turning back which means that no matter what happens I will definitely not regret my decisions despite many outbursts from ppl around and my inner conscience :p

UK here I come :D

PS : Aunt Alice, Jeddy, Stella and Lillian, can't wait to see you guys over there :D thank you so much for your hospitality and help! You guys are the best !! xoxo

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