Friday, August 7, 2009

It was good...

I recently found that a blog which I had always enjoyed reading and looking forward to every morning has been moved...she mentioned she needed more privacy with her personal life and I respect that...but I will not lie that I am sad that I do not have her writings to read was good...real good...her writings and her life inspired me....I always looked up to her-back in high school, as well as now, even if it's just through her words...

'I will miss your written words, your anecdotes, your poems and scribbles on life...the way you make complications into simplicity and the way that sometimes it feels like you are reaching in and reading my was a pleasure was good :) I hope our paths will meet one day again and that I would have the privilage of thanking you for the inspiration and joy you had brought me with your words...I wish I could continue with your journey but life doesn't wind in the ways that you pave all the time...It's like what you said,

"Change-We can't keep it from happening, but we can trust change never means to harm us. It's a sign that we are growing up..."

'C'est La Vie'

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