Friday, August 21, 2009

The Princess of Darkness...

I shun the light,
Of which that bathes all soul,
I carry within me,
A darkness that's beyond comprehension,
Even for the likes of me...

I ride in the deepest nights,
Seeking for the unwilling solitude,
That burdens the hearts of many,
Like a black candle,
Burning to give out despair...

Emersed in the sighs of the twilight,
I rejoice in evanessence,
As slowly the dark velvet skies,
Crumbled,showering shards of emptiness,
On to the lands of the people...

Plights and cries pass me by,
I hear and feel no pain no remorse,
Even in the distance of the deadening night,
When heavanly hands reaches to give absolution,
I...shun the light...

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