Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just another Thursday...

Okay so it's not the best of days today. The weather outside is
a little dreary.Or maybe that's just how it looks through my eyes..
I wish I could have stayed at home today. Stay under my covers.
Don't wanna care about the world...
But wishes doesn't always come true...

Work is draggy. I'm yawning half the time. It's just after the
close and the mood in the office is just the same as how i feel
the weather is outside.*sigh*.One thing to look forward to though,
G.I. Joe later on. I got mixed feelings about it. Reviews say that
it's just an okay movie. People I know who have watched the movie
says it really good.I'm no too enthused.At least it's some thing
else (other than work) to look forward to...

I'm thinking of getting guitar lessons.It's something that I had
planned to do for a very long time. Just never got around to
doing it.There were always excuses-no time,no money,no tutor,no
guitar,blah,blah,blah...but this time, I said to myself, if I
want something, I should just go and do it.No questions,no
doubts...I'll let you know how it goes...I'm hoping by the start
of the following week I would be strummin'.*fingers crossed*

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