Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's just pass 12 midnight...and I am wrecking my brains trying to find some reason to go to bed...I guess I was hoping that you would be online...I'm sleepy and tired and yet I'm still up writing my blog (and doing a sad job at that :P)...why is it so hard to follow what your heart wants? And why is it just as hard to let go of your hearts desires?...*yawn*...I guess I shall my answers in my dreams...they have never let me down thus far...I'm hoping that I can dream of flying's been ages since I had a dream about would do me good I, 'Pretty dream angels above, please please please cut me some slack, and let me dream of flights through the air, with maybe a hint of sunshine and rainbow at the end of my journey...' maybe you will be there too...

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