Saturday, August 29, 2009

Humans & Emotions...

You ask yourself, 'Why did I put myself through that?', 'Am I that stupid?'...but you should know, somethings happen out of our own way. We don't have control in everything, especially with our hearts and feelings. Should you still blame yourself or the situation or the other person? It doesn't matter who is at fault or what had happened, what matters is how you live with the time that you have after...because the truth is that thing that you keep thinking about and keep reliving in your head had passed. Gone. It exists only in your memories. And I understand that memories are hard to shake off. Especially if the bad and the good comes hand in hand. Do you really want to wish for it to never have happened? Would it make your life better?Probably. But I say, 'Live and let Live'. Don't stop. Let's put the past in its place. The past. We have only a precious amount of time left for us in this universe. We don't want to waste it on drowning in regrets.We soldier on.We try our hardest and best to move forward. Away from the pain and hurt from whence it came. We take the good and cherish them.The bad we take with a pinch of salt and honor them as hard-learned lessons that we make sure we try not to repeat. These are the stuff that makes us who we are today. But remember, even if you find ourselves stumbling intoa similar story in the future, don't fret.Don't beat yourself up. We are but humans. We are not perfect. Which is what makes us beautiful. If we fall again, we dust ourselves and get up. We never give up on life, and that would be the single most amazing thing each of us could strive to achive and keep up :)

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