Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hebrews 11:1

It gets tough sometimes. So tough that letting go and giving up seem like a blessing. But I refuse. I always hold my own on to faith. And some may say that I am blind and stupid but I say true faith is a gift not many have the privilege to embrace...

I keep faith in my darkest of hours and know that there will come a time, be it the next second or the next lifetime, that in the end, all things end well....it may only be a tiny beacon against a stormy horizon but damn it, I'll chose that sliver of light over any other promise any day of the week and twice on a Sunday....


Friday, December 7, 2012

Aahh! Where did 2012 Go??

Life is not of breathing in and out,
It is to be burned by the rays of the sun,
And to drown in the depths of oceans,
It is to feel the frenzy and crazy,
Life is living each day at the very edge...

You know, I woke up this morning at the buzz of my alarm. At which point I glanced at the time and date and realized that it already has been a week into December....in other words, there's only 3 weeks left till the new year. How the times flies and yet it somehow feels like it took forever to get to here.

It has only been 5 months since I left my home country but looking back it feels like it had been years ago. A little bit melodramatic I must admit but you know - when you feel the way you do, it's hard to ignore it.

I was talking to a friend yesterday. She told me of her resolution for the new year - to change for the better. I thought it was brilliant. I have that too - to better myself. Year in, year out, so much time just fleeting pass, wasted on things that did not invoke passion. I always told myself that I do not want to live my life with regrets. But it seems like that's where it's heading to if I don't act fast.

So here goes - 2013 a start of a new beginning, a better beginning and one that will hopefully definitely be filled with more passion. I have got things outlined, plans to set forth. If I don't want regrets, I need to get out of the rut that I am in now...tall order! Go Skye! :p

3 weeks to go and 2012 will only be a memory. It seems unfair that we are given only 1 life and a short one at that. So many things to see, do and experience! But you know, I guess it wouldn't be so special if we all lived forever (on a side note though, I wouldn't mind it haha :p So any vampires out there who wants a bite at me neck, please feel free to contact me!).


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Fine Frenzy

Goodbye, my almost lover 
Goodbye, my hopeless dream 
I'm trying not to think about you 
Can't you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance 
My back is turned on you 
I should've known you'd bring me heartache 
Almost lovers always do


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aaarrghhh!! There's a Spider in my Bed!!

I swear you can hear the tiniest pin drop in the silence of the night. Thankfully it was not as still as it could have been. The silent vacuum was occasionally broken by the faint but decisive tap of fingers against keyboards, and in between, you'd hear the grunts and mumblings of a frustrated soul. If people didn't know any better, they'd think that there was something sinisterly paranormal going on. 

Outside the window the world didn't seem that foreign - cars still zoomed by and the horizon was dotted with lit ships. Up above, the blinking tail lights of passenger carriers trail the deep velvet skies with fading scars...on any other occasion, this would have been a sight to get lost into....

A thud against the mahogany table top snapped me back to reality and I turned my gaze back to the bright colored wall...I looked at my watch - it was an hour away till the dead of night and I find myself trapped within the confines of the four walls (ok so one of the sides is glass...) that were supposed to be my saviour (in a manner of speaking...) The irony was not lost on me but there wasn't much that I could do but to sigh...

I tried closing my eyes, tried to find some way to transport myself out of my current predicament...but booming voices steer me off my tracks and I crash back to where I am (so close)...I know I should be focusing on what was going on in front of me but my mind refuses (can I blame it??) and it insists on wandering off into Neverland...and so I find myself circling within dilemmas and trying to plant my feet on the ground. The thought of flying away was so tempting though...

It doesn't make sense I told myself. It shouldn't be this complicated. But then again, I don't seem to make much sense to myself most of the time - I blame it on the crazy...aahh well, life's never simple, the paths are never straight. It wouldn't be much "fun" either if getting from A to B is a ruled line...Ha! There I go again, burrying myself under a juxtaposition of contradictions. Well done!

Maybe all I need is to get home and get some sleep. Maybe in the morning things might present itself with a new perspective. Maybe I might sprout wings and high tail it out of here ;-) Yeahhh, there's always the hope of tomorrow, it may be a fools hope but I hold it close nonetheless - true to being a hopeless romantic...


PS : In case you're wondering what is the deal with the title - one night 3 years ago, I went to bed and found a spider in between the covers. True story.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Skye's on tumblr...

...it's too cold outside tonight, for angels to fly...

I have just got on to the tumblr wagon!! I reckoned, you know, with me finding it harder and harder to find time to post on my blog that I should have a mini-micro-blog to get stuff out there....don't ask me why I can't seem to focus on my blog after coming over here..................

Anyways, in case anyone out there are curious, you can check out my tumblr page here:

Not to be mistaken of course with my tumbler, which is this cute little thing below :p kekekeke....I crack myself up sometime :p okay shutting up now......


PS : Yeah, I miss the rain when it's away...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conversations with a Cuppa...

Today I had an interesting conversation with a friend. She mentioned something I thought no one would notice. But she did. She amazes me with the things she knows sometimes. Point is, sometimes living in your own bubble, you don't realize that it affects those around, intentionally or otherwise.

Maybe my life is in need of something drastic and dramatic. I'm enslaved by the mundane. No more thinking of consequences, no more thinking, "that's not how I should be..."

Enough with the waiting. Enough with the bubbles. Enough is enough Skye...


Monday, October 8, 2012


"...something always brings me back to you...it never takes too long...no matter what I say or do, I'll still feel you here till the moment I'm gone..." 

Again I let myself fall. 
Down I go helpless.
Why do I do this? 
Hope that it will be different.
To think that things would be. 
To pursue what I know is impossible. 
Cry again shall I.
Maybe one day it will be different. 
Hope never lost even in the deepest of despairs...


Monday, October 1, 2012

Leaf in the Wind...

...in between sighs, when I close my eyes...

There's something inside of me - welling up. And I can't explain it. It's nothing strange. It's nothing familiar either. It seems like something from a distant dream. And I would like to be able to put words to what I'm feeling but what are words? It can only do so much. And this - me, not making sense, seems like a familiar pattern. 

I walk out the door and I see a leaf on the doorstep and I think to myself, "It's gonna be a good day." I don't know why I assumed that but I assumed it anyway. I walk but it doesn't seem like I'm moving. But it's ok. Because I don't know where I'm going. I'm like the leaf. I let the wind take me wherever it wishes. And sometimes I pass by places I'd like to wander into but I don't stop. I can't stop. Because I've seemed to surrendered my fate to that of the random wind. The wind is my vessel and the world is my ocean. And everyday life is a voyage of which the end is not the destination but where the journey is everything. 

I'm confused but I do not stop to ask for directions. I want to. But then I wonder if I need to? So again I let myself be steered by fate. The fate of the wind is of my own now. I need to strengthen my wings. My feathers are ruffled and damp. It needs the breath of the fresh air and the light of the sun to awaken its sheen again. Maybe then, I can fly and everything will make sense...


Monday, September 24, 2012

Just Another Day...

...I don't think I can ever let you go. Not now. Not when you are etched in me...

Today there was an old man on the train that sang his heart out. He hung on to the pole and belted out a Chinese tune. He walked back and forth between the last two train cars and finally stopping and sitting down  in the car that I was in. Exactly opposite to where I am. Some guy that was beside the old dude got up and changed seats. The old dude was still smiling and humming where he sat. It's like nothing can bring him down. Then he stopped and he looked right at me and tipped an imaginary hat (or a real one just that its invisible and I couldn't see it). He smiled and said "Good morning!" to which I just smiled and nodded. Then he stood up, continued humming and walked up towards the middle car of the train...

This is my typical ride on the East-West line. Yes, I do dread the length but I get to experience life, like being greeted by chirpy-singing-old-dudes that seems to have unlocked the secret to happiness...I wonder what will happen tomorrow?...


Monday, September 3, 2012

Never Forget...

...ever etched, ever engraved, ever after...

I hope you don't forget,
What you see in the mirror,
I know it sometimes fade,
But please hold it ever dearer...

In early morning lights,
In between dancing dew drops,
I search for that grin,
The one that makes hearts pop...

I know you'll never lose it,
Though sometimes you might store it,
Away, away in the depths of seas,
But somehow I will find it...

So please never forget,
For it carries much needed greet,
And although you might not know it,
To you, I seek your smile so sweet...


Friday, August 31, 2012

♫ Just for fun ♫

...tried something last night because I couldn't sleep. Be kind to me people - I was feeling a little bit emo and blurted this out...


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Emo S***

...it seems as though you are lost but not gone...fragments of you floats in mind of which I thought I had sealed away but all it takes is a glance of that familiar smile and and your name... 

It's addictive, I think - to yearn for something that is unattainable...you tell yourself you will never again and yet the next instance, knowingly or otherwise, you fall again into that same pattern and you struggle to keep yourself afloat and hoping to never drown once again in that sea where neither land nor ships exist to save your poor pitiful soul...

omg - sooo emo kan? =\ 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Head feels exactly like that ( <----- ) !!
The week after my vacation has been crazy!! Maybe it's the post vacation depression talking but but but I dunno - it just feels "aarrgghhh!!!"
I don't even have time to blog about my awesome trip to Cambodia!! *sobs*
But I promise I will! Even if I find myself headless, I will still be standing! (granted I might not know where I'm going or whom I'm with or what I'm doing....hmmm...)
Anyhu...a short interlude to get away from the grind of the office...it's August! My fav month of the year because, well, I was born in this month many 21 years ago :p
Hey, a girl can dream ;)

Peace out!


PS : I left my camera transfer cable back in Msia - which means my va-kay pics are stuck - need to buy replacement cable!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Call It Off


the words to this song always makes me cry and smile at the same time...


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Thoughts X

...I wish I could float in the air and be just like the wind...

In space, in faraway places, where stars afloat in seeming nothingness....
where dreams come to rest, where dreams come to be....
lies secrets kept in hearts waiting to be revealed by the touch of a single kiss...


Saturday, July 7, 2012


...maybe, just maybe...

The past couple of nights I've managed to escape the humdrum of the office and end up smack in the middle of Orchard. It was good to get out. I'm never one to sit too long in one place. I was probably a nomad in one of my past lives. It's true, sitting still was never really my thing - I get restless and I get irritated if I'm stuck long enough...

I missed the night life. I missed having a car to drive around. But there you go - sometimes life strips you off of all things so that you can learn to rebuild again. It's not too bad once you get used to it. Tonight, on the train, on my way home - half past ten, right in front of me stood a girl that was smiling to herself as she looked out the window. Which made me smile - been there, done that...

Why do the littlest things amuse me I have no idea. But I know I never want it to stop because in truth, it's nice to know that I can find my smile any where I need to. I have yet to find my stride in this metropolitan but I'm in no hurry you see. I can go where ever I want to if I'd let myself be like the wind...


PS : Unexpected welcome - I thought I'd never but you surprised me and I'm speechless...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stapler Needed!

...every day, every night I cross the island in search of something I know not yet that I need...

Yeah being rich and powerful seems awfully nice...but I'd be totally happy wandering the world with a book, a piece of paper and a pencil...it's sooo bloody hard to figure out life!! Gawd!!


PS : I need a stapler! Stat!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A New Beginning...

The Lion City - my new home...
...I'm trying but you still cross my mind. Only time... 

It's sort of strange but familiar. Weird I know. They say (I still don't know who these 'they' are yet :p) that life's a constant curve ball and that at certain points in time, your life sort of makes a 360 degree turn and you end up being in a similar spot you once were. And that's sort of how I feel at the moment. It feels so familiar but it's totally different. 

Every morning it's the same sort of battle - trudging through the endless sea of people. You get into such close proximity with strangers that you do not normally get into with people you know. It's eye opening and annoying at the same time but a necessity. The commute can be a unique experience but of course it's something that I do not look forward to. Hahas. But in the end, I can always raise my hand and say that, "Yes, I have been there and done that - again..." ;) 

I sit, I stand, I wonder - all these people, all these lives converging and for a moment we are all one, etched together into time. I wonder what they are thinking, what goes through their minds. Is it the same as mine? It may not be all of them but I bet that there are some that are treading the same paths I am. And that thought amuses me. 

In my daily commute. I spend my time looking out into the world. It's funny how at night when the view beyond the plexi-glass window is hindered by the darkness of the night is when I see farther than ever. I guess there is no limit to what the heart sees :) 

Alas, all this, it's a sign of a new start, in a new place - a second chance as some might see it. And yes I grin in its wake. To say what it will bring, I do not know. To wish for what I want it to bring, this is something I want to keep to myself for the time being. For as of now, I am relishing this opportunity that has been laid before me and finding reasons again for me to smile... 

Cheers - to a new beginning :) 


Monday, June 11, 2012

In Between...

At crossroads, in between...
Neither here nor there..
Slightly afraid and very much excited...
Hope floats again...
And maybe to find love anew...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shadow Puppets


...I'm always too weak to let go...

It's been soooo long since the last time I made shadow puppets! I could not resist it hence the  picture of my favorite shadow puppet - doggie!! It reminds me of my dog Ponnie - I always miss her...strange how little things like shadow puppet can help you get through a day...

Here's to a better tomorrow with more simple gestures to help me through ;)


PS : Justin Bieber's Baby just started to play on the radio *vomit* now it's gonna get stuck in my head - need another song to get it out of my head!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Utterly Lost...

At Cannes...
...sometimes everything feels so utterly lost and I don't know to feel devastated or plain nonchalant...

You make me wanna catch the rain for you...
And I'd never thought that I could lose myself so much;
But when it comes to you there's no doubt,
That I would gift the moon to you...


PS : If only you could see how much it breaks my heart to lose a friend...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


stumbled upon this and it cracked me up!
...I wish I never have to grow up. I wish I was in Neverland...

Things will never be the same again. How so? When people decide they don't give a damn to those that gives a damn. I think my headache is making me spew out nonsensical emo-drama-shit. But who's to say it's not true eh?

I've run out my supply of vodka (not really :p) at home so maybe tonite I'll stick with a nice cuppa joe :p I should eat something for dinner but I can't decide what. Actually, I miss the Katsu (Japanese fried meat dish) that I had in Japan and would really like to have that now but alas I'm not in Japan nor am I going to Japan anytime soon. Maybe hopefully somewhere during fall this year but nowhere near now. Yes, I wish I was going now but wishes are overrated. Don't get me wrong, they can come true, this I can swear to you. I've made wishes that came true. Not so much in the exact way I wished it but it came true somehow. Hard to put in words but basically, if you wished hard enough and if you stick to your dreams, eventually they will come true. Patience is they key. And hope - keeping one's hope alive is never an easy task, but if you stick to it then it will pay off. This I promise you...

Okay gotta go now. Headache is becoming more painful and a stuffy office at night is not a conducive environment to be in. 


PS : The more I try to forget, the more I try to let go the more I feel like the world is not right. What is wrong with me???

Monday, May 7, 2012

No Heed...

No pain matches that of a lonely howl,
Like the wolf in a desert scowl,
How he longs for the moon in distant skies,
How he pines and how he cries...

And yet the moon but stares,
Through starry heavens she gives no care,
And just passes magnificently by,
Not heeding the wolf's cry...

...there comes a time when you need to learn that what you see is what you get and that wishes don't come true and that some things change leaving you longing for once upon a time...

aaaaa-uuuuuuuu!!!....okay so that was my attempt to howl hahas :p The moon outside is so beautiful tonight. Sometimes it's sad to think that I will not be able to live long enough to appreciate these beauties up close. Maybe staring at it is appreciation enough. God has made it so you cannot have the cake and eat it too...why God?? Meanie! :p okay I take that back, I'm sorry - please don't send me to hell....................

Sometimes I wish I was ignorant. Ignorant to what goes around me, ignorant to what people say and ignorant to how people are. Because that saying, "Ignorance is bliss", it really seems like a blessing. To know is to understand and to understand is to feel and feelings people, they are a....well, they are not always a welcomed friend. Aaaah the thorns of life :p


PS : Time to leave the office and head home and think about why....
PS2 : ..... .... ..... story of my life :p

Friday, April 27, 2012

Even Then...

..."When in the end you can't look yourself in the mirror because you wished you had done things differently in the past, it's when you realize that regrets too late in life is a mistake you cannot undo"...that's why I always do whatever I can now even when at times it breaks my heart...

I had a weird dream. Still can't decide it it's weird-good or if it was weird-bad...hmmm...it was a short dream. Happened some where in the very early morning hours...yeah, I could tell. I don't know why I remembered that =\

Anyways the dream...let's see, started out with me somewhere in some foreign city. It just seemed foreign..But don't knowexactly where...and I was rushing to get back (i think - it's all so blurry now...)...then I got a phone call saying that I needed to go to Scotland for a business trip - SCOTLAND!

Look! Look! It's Nessie!! XD
After the call it was sort of another big blurr - you know, scenes shifted, conversations mumbled...and all of   sudden I was in a rooftop office...waittt...penthouse office, yes that's right...penthouse office getting all necessary travel approval ready because my flight is in 12 hours!! And I was pacing around the office, anxious, coz, well, you know, I really really wanted to go to Scotland and I have only 12 hours to get  everything ready!! And here's the weird-best part (I decided it's weird - good :p), my company secretary, she was - Rosie Huntington-Whitley yeah! I know right???

Ok so that's basically it. Miss Huntington-Whitley a secretary was the weird part of the dream. Don't ask me why I thought that was weird. It was just is. Isn't it? Cmon, you guys agree dontcha? Weird.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missing Somethings...

I've been hearing lots about Japan lately. And Everytime I do, I get this impulse to hop on the next plane over there. I cannot believe how much I miss it. I'm missing out on all the sakura showers that's happening at the moment. 

Yoyogi Park looks amazing (AMAZING!) this time around compared to when I was there last fall. And to know that Garance was in Tokyo , probably (definitely!) walked the same paths that I had is just ARRGGHH...wish I was back there...hope to make another trip over to Japan soon ;) 

..I give my heart out like throwing leaves into the wind. I hope one day you will catch it...

I'm having trouble trying to see things as they are. No, no, it's more of I'm having trouble accepting things as they are. I see them clear as day but I refuse to believe it. When you want something so badly, everything else gets thrown out the window...

Is there ever a night that goes by without the thoughts of you? 
Will I ever look up at the stars and see them as they are? 
Your name forever etched... 
Your smile forever remembered... 


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Peppery Weirdness...

It's funny how pepper on it's own tastes icky, but when added to a dish, it enhances the flavor...so it's not a very profound thing to be contemplating about. But I'm looking at my pepper and I'm thinking about that. It's just weird. Coz I'm thinking, how did it come about to people back then to think about adding pepper to food. 

I mean they would have tasted it on it's own first right? They'd be all like,"Blerghh! What is this awful stuff??" and the next thing you know, "I think I should grind this into icky brown crumbles and add them to my meat!" I mean how..? Why...? Ahhhh...pepper....you see what I'm talking about? Over thinking about stuff...it's just pepper. I should just let it enhance my food's flavors, thank it, and be done with it....

I can't believe that I'm actually writing a post about how weird pepper is and then stating about how weird it's weirdness is...ok starting to not make sense (yeah I do that a lot)...need to stop before I make a fool of myself....oh wait, too late...


Thursday, April 19, 2012

1+1 = 100

I find that picture of a little snow white absolutely adorable. I can't wait for Snow White and The Huntsman to come out. The movie looks to be epic with it's stellar cast and all. But mostly it's one of my childhood stories that I grew up with - all magical and romantic and funny and fun ;)

1+1=100 - yeahhhh, that's how it is in my world. If only my bank account works the same way as my brains :p I give way too much indulgence to my imaginations. Gets me into tonnes of trouble. True story. *What am I talking about???* 

...everything i could never tell you 
in this letter kept 
in words wept by heart 
in tales told by soul... 

I can't recall the last time I had a good night's sleep. My sleep has always been bombarded by dreams - every single night! Without fail. I'm not lying. This is serious shit. Ofcourse they are not all bad :p But still...point is, I think I need a good, long, dreamless deep sleep just to sort of clear out the cache in my head so that I can stop overthinking...


PS : I guess it doesn't make a difference does it? I'm leaving and you don't care. Heck, you don't even remember when I'm around...
PS2 : Gonna go home and PSP now :p

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


...oh why do we insist on believing a lie? Why do we chose stupidity? Why is it so hard to stop these tears from falling?...

Giving everything you have leaves you with nothing. But we do it anyways. Why? Don't know. Sometimes you give everything and get nothing in return and you wake up the next morning and do the same thing over again..and again..it's a ruthless cycle and its the most blissful thing at the same time. It's a contradiction that only makes sense to those who has gone through it or whom is going through it. Things happen with no apparent valid reasons at times. And the more you try to make sense of it, the more it confuses you and so you realize that some things are better left unquestioned. And you leave things to be as they are - mysteries of life. And through time, it becomes a part of you, a part of who you are and soon it's indistinguishable as it has taken root deep inside you.

Tell me, am I making any sense? Question is, when it doesn't make sense, should you not stop it? Instead of letting it fester into something that pulsates pain?

I'm such an idiot aren't I?


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Push for Drama

This is just what I need right now - a totally out of the blue over the top dramatic distraction ;)


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lies People Say...

...and no matter what they say, you know they don't really mean it because their words are hollowed by the lies they say...

Finally realizing how stupid you are for adamantly holding on to and believing in people that carefully take their time to break your heart...and kicking yourself for hoping on pure blind faith that maybe, just maybe, they might turn around...but knowing deep down that they will never see you for anything more than dust in the wind...

I must be truly insane :)


PS : Is it too late for April Fool's? Hahas :p

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crazy People Love...

...only those that are crazy love...

I miss your touch that I have yet to feel,
Is it true that love is made of dreams?
Dreams that have yet to come true?
I haven't met you but I'm in love with you,
So would you hold my hands when I see you?...


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Without a Care...

I saw an old lady dancing to a promotional Zumba Dance video being played in front of a video store - there in the middle of the shopping mall, without a care to those around her, she danced her heart out. That made me smile :)


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why do I even bother?

...sometimes I wonder why I even bother. All I get in return is nothing...

I've not been writing much lately. Probably because there has been a lot going through my mind. There were days when I felt like just staying in my bed, under my stinky blankie and never coming out into the sun. But, people are often wrong and I am no exception to that rule...there's no perfect world out there, just a hope that it could. And at best, the world we live in is the next best thing to that perfection we are seeking...

It feels like I am disappearing, becoming invisible - non-existent literally...it's not a yummy feeling to be forgotten...and I find myself constantly taking deep breaths telling myself - maybe it's just all in my head. But it's hard to think that this is all just in my head, when it's happening right in front of my eyes...am I that unimportant? Do I not deserve some care?


PS : There's a knot in my throat and it's making my eyes water...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Madness

...thinking too much can cause serious head damage...

"I don't know" - that's sort of what my head is buzzing with at the moment. Feel like throwing everything away and just disappearing (feel like throwing up)...no one would notice I'm gone anyway so why do I even bother???

I need that thing that's called a hug. I think.


PS : I have this sudden urge to read The Chronicles of Narnia.
PS2 : Will saying stuff like, "I wish I can close my eyes and never open them," render people to think that I have suicidal tendencies?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Burberry Prorsum FW2012

I envy Garance!!! She was there for Burberry's Fall 2012 runway show!!! Ok well so it is in the line of her business :p But still!!

Anyhu...for this year's fall collection, Christopher Bailey went for a more street chic look rather than his usual London town couture and the verdict --------> Too Awesome!!! (it might be also that I am a little biased to Burberry...but heck it! bluekk!!)

But seriously, all biasness (not sure if this word exists :p) aside, this is a truly amazing collection by Bailey. It's the little details that gets me - the punk bags, the traditional Burberry umbrellas but with studded handles/handles of animal heads (there's a fox head!!), studded gloves etc etc etc...these are what caught my eyes! I want them gloves and umbrellas so badly! Yes, I'm actually covetting the accessories more than the coats or outfits. Don't get me wrong, there were amazing dresses and coats in the collection no doubt but somehow this round, the accessories seems to trump the show! :)

If only I can get my hands on them....

My fav outfit of the bunch - stunning!
Can you spot the Fox head handle!?!?!
Aaahhh Burberry, you never fail to amaze!


PS : Is there a way to un-stupid one self?
PS2 : Pictures courtesy of Garance Dore and fashionstyle.org,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

DKNY Fall 2012

Okay so I have been waay waaaaaay behind on the latest NY fashion week runway shows!!! Damn you work!!!

Finally found some time to browse through some of my fav designers and their latest creations for Fall 2012. Amazing!

My eyes darted straight to Donna Karan! And oh wow I'm in love with her 2012 collection for Fall. I wish I was living in a seasonal country!!! (I kno I kno, I keep repeating the same thing every single time its fashion week - what can i say, I love the seasons!! :p)

So to sum up Donna Karan - New York High Fashion! Very clean cut urban chic with a NY edge to it. It's sort of like Sherlock Holmes meets, well, meets Donna Karan! Yeahhhhh - awesome! Check them out for yourself:

Love the red and the lines...

Androgenous! *heart*

My favorite piece from the collection...genial!

Amazing colors...

Someday soon, I will be wearing those outfits and some day soon I will have my creations in Fashion Week!