Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rain, rain...come again....and again...

...when the rain falls, that's when my world begins...

It rained this morning. As I was getting ready to go to work (sighhh....) raindrops started to fall and I was soooo tempted to go back to bed T_T

It looked as if it was snowing outside. Yes, I stole quick glances out the window during this morning's meeting. Couldn't help it - I'm a sucker for the rain. Something about the rain that makes me feel at home (maybe I was a tree or something in my past life?... :p)


PS : . .... ... ...

It's half past 1 in the morning and it's raining again *heart*

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sydney 2011 - Part IV

Day 5

Hunter Valley was a nice pick me up at the end of the weekend. We decided to take the day tour around the famous wine valley just close to 2 hours away from Sydney city. It was an early early start but what the hell right? It's for wine hahas :p

We stopped for breakfast at small town called Wollomby. It was really quaint and if I'm not mistaken it was just a single road town (seriously). I had a bacon and egg roll (love bacon and eggs! :p) in a really cute little cafe by the road. The main attraction in this town was supposed to be something called Uncle Jim's Jungle Juice - some sort of rugged, home made alcoholic drink if I'm not mistaken. Sadly we were given around half hour for the stop, so between breakfast and toilet break we didn't have time to go try the juice. Oh well, there's always next time ;)

So we continued our journey towards the valley. Our first stop was Mt.Pleasant Winery where we had a brief tour of how they make their wine before we were served lunch. And what was served with our lunch you may ask? Hehehe wine of course! We had 4 types of wine to go with our lunch - 2 whites, 2 reds and they were yummy! (not the lunch though muahaha :p) and in between lunch and dessert we got to try a heck lot of wine...for free!! yay!! In the end we each bought a bottle of their signature Phillip Shiraz for ourselves :D

The next winery was Lindeman's and the tasting there was accompanied by cheese and crackers hehe :p the highlight of Lindeman's was their dessert wine. We were given to taste Juliet (very delicious!!) but ended up buying back a rose wine called Ruby because it was even more delicious! Thank you Zoe for asking to taste their rose wine. Ruby is not commercially available though :( I should have bought more than one bottle! We did get an extra one just for ourselves
for a night cap later on though hehehe ^^

Our last stop was the Hunter Valley Gardens. Their wine wasn't very impressive but we did try their Kilkenny Cream - OMG it was so good! We so wanted to get a bottle but you know - baggage weight and all that so... T_T

So we got back after that, each with 2 bottles of wine to bring home. Though we wanted more (who wouldn't?? :p) Yeah well you don't get what you wish for sometimes boohoo :( But we had a great time going around drinking free wine hehehe...

Oh btw, forgot to mention that throughout the bus drive, we had to endure the very (VERY) loud chatty conversations of 6 girls that seem to have no notion of any sort of decorum! At one point I wanted to turn and go - SHUT UP already!! But...I was on a holiday and confrontations was not on my list for the day so I just tried to shut them out of my head. You can't win them all can you hahas... I still had fun though...have I told you how easily impressed I am? :p

To be continued...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Letters to God II

Dear God,

The moon looks unbelievably surreal tonight. It's as if you took a coin and painted it silver and stuck it in the sky. Maybe you did? I always thought you were a master artist :)

God, why do things seem to fall apart with no reason or warning? Is it your way of telling me to move on? I know there are reasons to your actions but I can't help but feel that it's a little bit unfair...maybe I am just imagining things though the stirring in my heart says have put me at a crossroad and edging me to make a is tough but I should think that you have greater things lined up for me. Hope I am not wrong in thinking so :)

The moon, she's my companion tonight. She looks iridescent up there - majestic and beautiful...I shall send my wishes to her and pray that she whispers them to you God...


Emotional Roller Coaster

...letting go just doesn't feel like the right thing to do but is the pain worth it?...

I am an emotional equivalent of a roller coaster. No wait, hear me out - seriously I am (#@!@!^!#%^%$!!!) okay that's that...let's restart - I am an emotional roller coaster. As how the roller coaster would go up and down subtly and very suddenly without any warning, I too have a similar tendency...

Okay let's sidetrack a little bit for a moment...ehem, I have never really rode on a roller coaster before (eeeek! don't hit me T_T) okay I mean, never ridden on a really huge-assed one in a huge-assed theme park or what not. I mean are the ones in tiny theme parks that doesn't even take 10min to do a complete circuit considered a roller coaster?? Are they?? Are they?? Okies so yeah they are considered roller coasters I guess pffft! -___-" right, sidetrack over, back to the post...

Oh well, don't feel like ranting much already now *sigh* Lazy, hot Friday afternoons in the office are never conducive for effective productivity (oh gawdd I sound like a douche...ohh gawwdd if my boss reads this then I'm a dead douche!! *squirms*)

Errr, this is awkward. Well...back to work then. Hard at work, working hard, very very hard - seriously I am *stares intently* (that should do the trick :p)


PS : Nothing seems to help the pain...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Of Burberry Events & Torned Up Pants...

Erin Wasson - supermodel extraordinaire who's walked for many many top fashion designers, graced the covers of countless magazines and of course a girl like her would have walked for none other than Victoria Secret itself! And as if that's not enough, she also has her own jewellery design business, was a stylist for Alexander Wang and collaborated with RVCA for her own line of womenswear! How awesome can this girl be?? And of course she is super hot! I mean c'mon, what happened to "there is no such thing to having everything??"

Okies so the reason I'm ravin' on about Erin Wasson is because of a picture of her that I came across the other day (yes it's the one heading this post - duhh ppl hehehe :p). Oh how it caught my attention! I really really love her look! Her style is so so awesome and it's sooo my style! (if I ever get around to getting in shape that is! oh Skye you lazy bum you O.o) The grey blazer gives the whole outfit a subtle formality but still keeping the edge alive! (which I personally like! XD) The main star of this ensemble is of course the fashionably torn pants which looks amazing on her. Well, you know, with legs like hers she could have worn toilet paper and still would have looked sexy in them - true story :)

Taking away the pants and the blazer and it would have been an outfit that would have not caught the attention of any radar. I guess that is why she is who she is huh? An awesome style that compliments her smouldering looks so effin perfectly!


PS : Can't help it that she was also at a Burberry event! You
know Burberry being one of my favs! ;)
PS2 : where is that scissors of mine...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jolie :)

New Louis Vuitton Ad - lovin' Angie's look and the Alto LV bag looks good too :)


Yumsies! II ;)

...have I told you how unexpected surprises are the best? ;) ...

And it still tastes as good! Another great surprise to brighten my Monday blues :)

You're the best!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Letters to God I

Dear God,

Does the time 11:11 really have any meaning to it? I have been noticing it a lot lately (these past few months already)...I've heard that it's supposedly a 'magical' (I'm not sure if magical is the right term :p) time and that it grants wishes and tells you that you are heading in the right path in your life...

Hmm, I tried wishing hahas - maybe there's a backlog coz I have yet to see those wishes come true (and FYI, my wishes aren't ridiculous - you've heard them haven't you ;)) and about my life being in the right path, I don't know...I see my life and it feels like I'm walking a hundred million paths (yes, I am a lil' dramatic, you know me hehe) at once...well all drama aside, it really does feel that way, seriously...

I know wishes don't just come true but I'd like to keep on wishing anyways because that means the kid in me is still alive and kickin'and that I have faith in hope even when it feels like I'm drowning grasping for breath and a kind helping hand...and God, I know you never meant for lives to be set on one single path. I mean where is the fun in living - the journey is what matters and probably my getting lost and stuck in these seemingly many many roads to redemption is a blessing in disguise (ehem, is there any way you can give me sign God :p hahas)...

Just so you'd know (I know its a little silly coz you're God and you see everything - show off blueek...kidding - please don't send me to Hell =\), I'm never giving up on my journey. I'm hitting bumps and potholes but hey, a little pain assures me that I'm just human and that happiness is just around the corner (right? hee ;)). So in the mean time, I'm gonna take 11:11 as a sign that You've got an angel to watch over me :)

Okies, untill another day - hope you're rockin' it up there in heaven or wherever it is you hang out. Peace out!

PS : Could You please make it rain a little more over here? I'm sorta missing it plus it's freakin' hot :)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


...if only the wind could carry my heart...

I saw a songbird,
Just at the edge of my window,
Peering out towards the world,
So I whispered to it,
Hoping the songbird finds you,
And sings to you what is in my heart,
And that it makes you smile,
Because your smile, is all I'll ever need...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sydney 2011 - Part III

DAY 3 & 4

Spend the day in IBM Australia office. Ooo the office has an amazing view of the city - you could see the tall buildings and the harbor with the bridge and the opera house in the was what went thru my mind. I wanted to take pictures but.....i thought it was best that I maintained a sort of professional etiquette and not act like some little small town girl out in the - big city (although that's how I actually feel like sometimes bahahaha :p) so no pictures boohoo..but you can always use your imagination yeah hehehe...lunch was Japanese teppanyaki (i know teppanyaki references already to Japanese and writing it out now seems to make the term a little bit redundant haha)...
We left the office around 6++. Headed towards the Kings Street Wharf for a little seafood indulgence - heard the seafood over in Sydney is supposed to be one of the best and freshest (i don't think that 'freshest' is an actual word =\). And yeah it is. The main that I had was pork ribs (waaaaayyy off from seafood hahas) but we had a starter of a seafood basket which was so yum and fresh! ;) ~should have gotten more seafood` kekeke...
The thing about Friday nights over there was that it was literally a party! Everyone was out and everyone was dressed up! Some even to the point that they would endure physical pain (I'm talking about the girls if you're wondering hehehe) just to look good - girls in really really high heels struggling to strut their stuff hahas...I mean a part of me was laughing at them (yes, I am mean blueek!!) but a part of me actually admires them for their effort. They took the time to dress up and go out and have fun! Over here, I'm sometimes stuck in the office on Friday nites working -___-" so I wonder, who's more pathetic huh? hehehe...
Oh well so that was that :) The next day we a good sleeping in. Ahh sleep, oh how I miss thee...and when I say slept in, I meant really slept in - woke up only at midday hahas! Refreshed (though still could sleep smore - I mean cmon, it's sleep! :p), we headed out towards Chinatown to get ourselves some brunch. So we seated ourselves at the Golden Harbor Restaurant for some Dim Sum or Yum Cha as it's more commonly known...slurps!! XD
We stopped by Paddy's Market after a very filling and yummy brunch to get our souvenir shopping done - really good bargains over there. If it weren't for the lack of space, I would have bought more stuff!! True story...
After that, headed out back towards Sydney Harbor to catch the Opera House in the light of day before making our way back towards George St. to meet up with Zoe's counterpart to catch a movie - Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides in 3D!! It was good, funny not to say great or anything. I still enjoyed it very much. And oh yeah, I took the 3D glasses back with me kekeke...what?? I think they're cool okay :p
We made our way back after the movie. The night was still young (well in our standards hahas :p) so once at the hotel, we popped open a bottle of wine (soooo effin' cheap! AUD8.00 only!! wtf!) and wound down sippin' on wine and munching on macaroons...ahh what a way to end the day...I could get used to this you know...I really could ;)


To be continued...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Thoughts VI

...sometimes life doesn't make any sense at all and yet we still wake up in the morning and walk out the door...

You came knocking at my door, into my life,
And it was never the same again,
I thought that this would last forever,
That this feeling will be etched for eternity,
And for awhile I was happy...
Then came a day,
When the walls started to crumble,
And I tried to reach out and make sense of it all,
But you, whom I once knew,
Was you no more...
And my heart shattered to a million pieces...
Now I am left trying to pick up those pieces,
Trying to make sense of it all...
How it was once seemingly perfect,
Now it has become empty and distant,
You were not you no more...
Maybe I had made it all up in my head,
For whatever reasons that it could be,
I shall have no regrets...
Because even in that fleeting moment,
I was lucky enough to feel pure happiness,
You gave me that even if you are not anymore,
The times that I know you is the worst and best times in my life,
I will never change a thing...