Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You'll Be Ok

"Mistakes. They happen. In variable degrees. How do you define a person against their mistakes?"

I will never judge what you did. Who am I but just a human like you? And I told you that it is ok. And I told you that my love for you will never waver. You will be ok.

But you're on an island. Surrounded by miles and miles of deep open seas. Not a boat in sight. Sometimes not even the light. You've put yourself there. You've decided to be alone. 

I understand. 

But I will not give up.

Not on you. Not ever. Because even if this is a battle that you must face on your own. Even when the rain of arrows sing down for you solely, I will never leave your side. Even if all I can do is to pick you up when you fall so that you can soldier on again. I am the rain in your desert. That light in your dark. I am your friend.

So pull yourself right out of this. I know you can.

"You can't go back to yesterday, because you were a different person then"
-Lewis Carroll-

PS: All you need to do is turn around. And I'll be there. I'll always have your back.