Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where Can I Find Cat Tails to Blow?

'...and you are the wolf and I am the moon...and in the endless sky we are but one, we are my dreams, my wolf and I...'

The scarcity of greenery in a bustling metropolitan city can be a little bit depressing. I long to lie on endless grass fields. Bathed in the light summer sun and scented with impending summer rain. Pick a cat's tail, blow it into the wind. Watch it disappear into the sky. Hope it lands on someone special.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Every Damn Morning...

"Broken. Shattered. Fading to pieces. Art. Emotion. Two of a kind."

Cannot seem to go to bed early. Regretting it every damn morning. I'm stuck in a loophole of my own doing. Am I stupid or what? 

Probably a little stupid and a whole lot stubborn...What gives Skye??

Where ever you are - I hope you're learning to smile again...


Monday, July 22, 2013

The Ghost Inside

Was it all for show?
To turn into all of them
Turning a page
Trust me darlin'
I'm carving 'em up through the dust in your town
Crawling over rubble, just to sound me out
Tend to wonder why?
-Broken Bells-

The trick is to keep breathing. Seems easy enough. You stop breathing, you die. But there are many types of death...

You see what I did there?



"The curve of your lashes,
How it darkens with each blink,
How it compliments your eyes,
How I long to brush it..."

"...It strikes me so odd how long I had lived my life without ever realizing
how much is it I like them. It seems so apparently obvious and natural to
me now..."

It's nearing the end of July now. I have no idea where time has been flying off to. It seems like every time I wake up from sleep, a decade has just gone out the window. Melodramatic? Well, it deserves that. Deal with it. I don't want the need to feel anything. But it's always and onslaught of emotions that chases me down the street. Even following me onto the bus I hop on in the morning. Buses are fun.

I can't stand all these things I've held on to. Railings at the edges of skyscraper rooftops seems like a hindrance. Life needs to be lived without the restrictions of handrails. The edge of the end. At least then, being chased by emotions can seem like a norm. Can you see it?

I should go to see God. Maybe staving off of religion is bad for one's spiritual health. I should also then go the gym. I guess the same theory should apply. Maybe?

In the meantime I'll bury my nose deep in my books and surround myself with as much music that makes me feel hipster-ish...I'm weird...


PS: Why won't you come online Spotify??? I need my dose of Indie....