Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Self Preservation...

...I wanna close my eyes and never open them again...

I should not have left the island. I knew better. I remember telling myself not to. But I didn't listen. I thought it would be different. I believed and now I'm left to fend for myself again. I should have known that there is no
other place that welcomes me. The island is where I had been. It is where I should remain. Why did I believe?

Et je pense à ces instants fragiles,
ces quelques jours tout près de toi,
et je reviens seule sur cette île
puisque la vie passe et puis s'en va...

Et je pense à ces instants fragiles,
ces quelques jours tout près de toi,
et je reviens seule sur cette île
puisque la vie passe... sans toi...


Monday, September 16, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Its too late now...

Today I punched a wall. It hurt. But I would like to do it again. This usually means one has gone crazy. I punched a wall and I liked it.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You'll Be Ok

"Mistakes. They happen. In variable degrees. How do you define a person against their mistakes?"

I will never judge what you did. Who am I but just a human like you? And I told you that it is ok. And I told you that my love for you will never waver. You will be ok.

But you're on an island. Surrounded by miles and miles of deep open seas. Not a boat in sight. Sometimes not even the light. You've put yourself there. You've decided to be alone. 

I understand. 

But I will not give up.

Not on you. Not ever. Because even if this is a battle that you must face on your own. Even when the rain of arrows sing down for you solely, I will never leave your side. Even if all I can do is to pick you up when you fall so that you can soldier on again. I am the rain in your desert. That light in your dark. I am your friend.

So pull yourself right out of this. I know you can.

"You can't go back to yesterday, because you were a different person then"
-Lewis Carroll-

PS: All you need to do is turn around. And I'll be there. I'll always have your back.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where Can I Find Cat Tails to Blow?

'...and you are the wolf and I am the moon...and in the endless sky we are but one, we are my dreams, my wolf and I...'

The scarcity of greenery in a bustling metropolitan city can be a little bit depressing. I long to lie on endless grass fields. Bathed in the light summer sun and scented with impending summer rain. Pick a cat's tail, blow it into the wind. Watch it disappear into the sky. Hope it lands on someone special.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Every Damn Morning...

"Broken. Shattered. Fading to pieces. Art. Emotion. Two of a kind."

Cannot seem to go to bed early. Regretting it every damn morning. I'm stuck in a loophole of my own doing. Am I stupid or what? 

Probably a little stupid and a whole lot stubborn...What gives Skye??

Where ever you are - I hope you're learning to smile again...


Monday, July 22, 2013

The Ghost Inside

Was it all for show?
To turn into all of them
Turning a page
Trust me darlin'
I'm carving 'em up through the dust in your town
Crawling over rubble, just to sound me out
Tend to wonder why?
-Broken Bells-

The trick is to keep breathing. Seems easy enough. You stop breathing, you die. But there are many types of death...

You see what I did there?



"The curve of your lashes,
How it darkens with each blink,
How it compliments your eyes,
How I long to brush it..."

"...It strikes me so odd how long I had lived my life without ever realizing
how much is it I like them. It seems so apparently obvious and natural to
me now..."

It's nearing the end of July now. I have no idea where time has been flying off to. It seems like every time I wake up from sleep, a decade has just gone out the window. Melodramatic? Well, it deserves that. Deal with it. I don't want the need to feel anything. But it's always and onslaught of emotions that chases me down the street. Even following me onto the bus I hop on in the morning. Buses are fun.

I can't stand all these things I've held on to. Railings at the edges of skyscraper rooftops seems like a hindrance. Life needs to be lived without the restrictions of handrails. The edge of the end. At least then, being chased by emotions can seem like a norm. Can you see it?

I should go to see God. Maybe staving off of religion is bad for one's spiritual health. I should also then go the gym. I guess the same theory should apply. Maybe?

In the meantime I'll bury my nose deep in my books and surround myself with as much music that makes me feel hipster-ish...I'm weird...


PS: Why won't you come online Spotify??? I need my dose of Indie....

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


''s like, songs, sort of, speaks my mind in ways I can't speak with my own words...what's that all about?'

I think I live too much in my head most of the times. I'm afraid it will start to amalgamate into one soon and I would not be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. That's when I will need to check myself into rehab. Are those sort of thoughts a little bit psychotic you reckon? I think it is a bit creepy. But I kinduh enjoy it a little...hmmm...

"Let's go slowly, discouraged,
We'll burn the pictures instead
When it's all over we can barely discuss
For one minute only
Not with the fortunate only
Thought it could have been something else
These days it comes it comes it comes it comes it comes and goes

Think less but see it grow
Like a ride, like a riot, Oh!
Not easily offended
Know how to let it go
From a mess to the masses"

It's Antoni Gaudi's birthday today. Happy Birthday Antoni. You'd be 161 today if it was not because you got knocked down by a tram. Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean you would have lived till today if you weren't road kill =\ Anyhu, I really love your work and I hope that one day soon I'll be able to visit them. To revel in your weird architectural inspirations is one of my top lists of stuff to do.


PS : I just realized I was conversing with a dead dude...I might need to check into rehab sooner that I thought...
PPS : But then again, many a sane people have had conversations with the can wait...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Don't Know...Maybe...

"...falling petals, like falling tears, they exist only for a split second but they stay for a much longer time, don't they?.."

I've been listening to a lot of Indie music lately. I've always loved Indie music, but just that lately its been constant. It's good stuff. Doesn't make me wanna pull my hair out hehehe...the drums, the guitar, the soft but
gruff/rough angst ridden voice and the overall feel that says "f*** the world!"...I think I'm turning into a hipster =\ you guys reckon it's good thing or bad?

But I think I can see myself as one. Despite the fact that I'm typing away - a mindless corporate drone. I'm such a tragic contradiction *sigh*.  Frustrating. But I guess that's part of being a hipster? Or was that part of
being an artiste? You know, the strugglin', tortured soul type? Gahhhh!

I've just finished my coffee. Staring at my empty paper coffee cup. Lana Del Rey playing in my head..."Let's take Jesus off the dashboard, got enough on his mind..." Just a start to another Wednesday (how do you spell Wednesday?? - looks awfully wrong to me...)


Monday, May 27, 2013

Come Away With Me...

Why do I like it so much?
The idea of floating up into the stars?
Maybe it really will be as nice up there,
How the world sees it from down here...

I have thoughts on falling,
From way up there where the air is thin,
But then why not whence one has touched the heavens?
Maybe I'll find a star to hang on to...

And when I do,
Maybe you would want to hold on to me too?
We can soar the straits of the universe,
Your hand in mine, mine in yours...

I can already feel the solar winds,
I can already feel your heartbeat against mine,
Does it not feel absolutely right?
Heavens and our hearts exploding bright...


PS : Yes, I kinduh feel funny inside...

Friday, April 19, 2013

3 people, 30 wings...

...sometimes the things that go bump in the night are a comfort...

Yeap you read it right - 3 people 30 wings. That was what me and my friends had to endure tonight. Ok, so it was not so much an endurement as opposed to an enjoyment hehehe :p I mean c'mon, it's eating chicken wings! It's never gonna be bad. Of course unless you somehow get a bad (I mean, bad!!) plate of wings... *shudders*

Anyways, I think we did pretty well. We finished 27 out of the 30 wings that was brought to us. At first we didn't think it would be anything. Hooters in Singapore had 5 different flavors of wings and we were very (very!!) gung ho to try all of em. And no, we didnt think of 1 flavor each wing for each of us - we went like, "Ummm, can we have  wings for each flavor please?" It had been a long day for all of us, wings seems like a very nice comfort :p It really hit us once they all came. They came in 6 diff plates, 5 in each. The table all of a sudden looked too small and somehow it seemed as if all eyes were on us (gulp!). Weeelll, the awkwardness only lasted like for a couple of seconds. Haha.

I have to tell you that we did not only have wings. I mean, we had beer (I had like 5 pints or so), umm, mashed potatoes, just to stir things up (yeah, we were such bad-ass! mash potatoes on a Thursday night!) and my one friend decided she wanted to eat the waffles with ice cream! So between the 3 of us, managing to finish 27 chicken wings within a couple of hours is nothing short of an achievement! (cue the applause!).

It's always easy and nice when you have good company. Yeah yeah, I know most of you are gonna just glance past this thinking that it's nothin'! Plenty of people have eaten much much more. But I think, we think it was really awesome. Yes, we wont be eating much chicken wings for awhile but you know, we'd never trade it for salad and twiggly celery :p

Now I'm back home - night is still early but what's a girl to do? Work comes beckoning in the morn. If it was the weekend, I'd probably hop into the nearest club to dance the wings off but reality needs me to be
responsible (blerghhh...). 

I'm so f***in full but I am feelin' good. We had good music, good food and good company. There's never a better way to shake off a shitty work day :) Ok, I'm gonna go try to get some sleep now. Much to do tomorrow!!


Friday, March 22, 2013


Oh Boy...

"...You can feel like a part of something if you're part of the scene
You can make your life look pretty add a little ice and gin,
Wash off the make-up and prepare the aspirin
Well you can get out of this party dress but you can't get out of this skin..."


Monday, March 18, 2013

Skye's Day Out : Art Museum

...never mind what the others say, it's only important what the wind whispers...
The other day, I went to the museum...
I saw a painting of Hitler being sort of kind...and I pondered...
I loved the floors, the way words sort of flew into the air, how broken pots stuck together in golden glue and that clothes aren't always typically simple...
I sat looking at words was nice...
There was wrinkled tin foil that reminded me of cola and a man made out of ash that told me that anything is possible...
Then I stumbled upon a majestic horse. It was made out of film reels. I felt like a movie star...I think it neighed...
I got to go to church before meeting some strange looking strangers....and the writings on the wall told me to dream...'ol Buddha agreed...
I met a lonely sailor adrift on a sea of broken chalk...I sort of envied him (also, I was a little creeped out =\)
I discovered that I love how shadows and light play well together in the dark and that the grass  is green - no matter where you stand ;)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Book #1 : Cloud Atlas

"A half read book is a half finished love affair..."
-Cloud Atlas ; Letters to Zedelghem-

Cloud Atlas - hmmmm...let's see. My attention was brought to this book when I first saw the trailer for the movie back in late October 2012. You guys know how Hollywood big budgeted movies are like - their trailers are superb and leaves you wanting more. And that's exactly what it did to me. I wanted to watch the movie badly but (yes, there is a but...) since it was an adaptation of a novel, I told myself, "Skye, screw the movie for a bit and lets get lost between the pages of the book 1st!" ...yeah, I did not literally scream that out at myself. But it sort of did sound like it in me head =\

I don't know if it's just me but, it seemed as if the book was a little bit of a let down. It should just be me, I mean, it's a best seller, which means a lot of people liked it =\ But having an idea of what this book was supposed to be about and then reading it and realizing it's not all that, is not a very nice feeling. Maybe I should not have put so much anticipation on it.

It wasn't as if it was yucky or anything. The concept I still very much liked. The notion of reincarnations and how our actions now, at this very moment has a rippling effect into the future or the past for that matter. If you ask me, I say, yes that seems logical. It might just be the optimistic romantic in me that strives to believe in such things, but why not? So that portion of the story I loved but the construct...hmmm...maybe I did not concentrate as much as I should have. Maybe there are bits and pieces of the plot that I had just seemed like there were no beginning nor end and so, no middle at that (yes I'm super making sense, I know!). But maybe that what was David Mitchell was aiming for - to show that in a linear life (or lives), one that seemed like there are no crests nor troughs, there is still significance. And it might not be apparent to those living in the same timeline but in a bigger scale of things, everything and everyone is interconnected. Now see, that is something good to go to sleep thinking about (among other things ahem.. :p)

So here I am, finished with Cloud Atlas and not too sure how I feel about the book. But I have a choice, we all always do, which is to take the good instead of the regrets though ;)

PS : Next up, Kim by Rudyard Kipling - so far the first chapter has proven quite an interesting read :)
PPS : Gonna go get myself the Cloud Atlas movie (finally) and see if the movie matches the trailer and surpasses the book :D

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013

I have not been posting about the 2013 Fashion Week on time!! The party had moved to Milan and I'm only just beginning! Truth is I was following it but was just a little too pressed for time to blog about it. Well, here is a preview of one of my fav lines - Burberry Prorsum...

This season, Christopher Bailey is playing more on texture and patterns. It gives Burberry a nice freshness to it which I kinduh like and kinduh not like too. There are hits and misses (well for me at least...). Some of the designs that I love you can see it above. There were some where they were too plain and some that looked too much like farm animals. Maybe it's just me and my own taste :p

In any case, I still love the line. The bags are edgy and the coats are, as always, very Burberry-esq! Colors are demure and they pop at the same time. Am I making any sense? :p

PS : I'll try to post more on some of the lines that caught my eye this season. Dolce & Gabbana! Whoa! :p

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fuel for Thoughts...

...I hear the sound of the piano keys in the night,
It played along to the rain outside,
There is nothing that I wouldn't do to stop time right now,
Because this moment brings me closer to you...

I had only 4 hours of sleep last night. That's not too bad actually. I have had even worse nights. But I guess the prospect of going through a Monday workday with only 4 hours of sleep and no coffee is quite a put off....zzZZzzz....

At least the day started with a tour of the company's plant. And to be quite honest I found the plant quite nice (a case of grass is greener?...) and maybe because of some other factor :p Like, you know, ummm, how smart people are quite yummy, like :p Moving on..........

Anyhu, I've finally got coffee in me! This should calm my mind. I've been having the strangest (a little dangerous) thoughts recently. I'll not go into much detail. Some things are best kept in the dark. Okay, now it makes me sound like some sort of psycho - cue creepy music....but don't worry, I have no skeletons that I dress up and keep in my bedroom. I do however own a skull ring. Which is cool. Okay, maybe not. Yes! Yes! It is cool!! =\

PS : Need to make a trip into the city to get me books in my book list.
PS2 : I've ended up with books from the 19th and 21st century as well....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Start of a New 365

...beginnings are the starts of endings and endings are the starts of all things. I am breaking down in order to build myself up - rock bottom is a good place as any to search for a beginning...

I have decided to start a project this year. Something that I want to see through - it's been done before so I know it's achievable. I have this list of books. They are some of the greatest literary works of the 20th century. I know a statement like that can be very subjective. In fact, it is. But as I have yet to come up with my own list, I shall follow the advice of those that are deemed experts in the field of literary. It's going to be tough. Some of these books are really long and the language (though English) need full focus and  concentration. I would like to be able to finish one book in a week but I would also like to be realistic. But, if I give myself leeway like that, I'm afraid that I might lose track and end up procrastinating. So this is what I'll do. I have a few books that I have by my bedside that I am currently trying to get through. What I'll do is to slip in some of these great literary works in between the ones that I'm reading. I will give myself 1 week (2 weeks tops) to complete a book. At which point I will write up a summary of the book - a sort of like a critique if I may say so (really, I hope I can say so...).

This should help me get away from work. Yes, I am at the verge of hating my job. It's not classy I must say for me to admit that. But I am being honest. It has finally caught up to me - my disdain towards the factual
rigidity of numbers and figures. Some might call me stupid. Yes, in fact I am calling myself that as well. Because I have end up falling into the crevice of those lemmings and in that path, I am beginning to lose my soul. I do not want that. I can literally feel myself disappearing and it is not a very fun notion. But because I can't just quit on a whim (actually it is not impossible per say but, oh well, we'll see...), I have decided to wean myself off of work. At the very least I can start enjoying these books as I've always wanted but had always made up excuses of how I do not have any time (yeah boo on Skye...)...

By my side at the moment is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I have but a few chapters left before I finish it. Once done, it will be my first feature critique on my blog (one which I don't know if anyone reads). It might not be intellectual and deep as how a professional book critic might write but that's not the point. It will be an opinion of an individual and she is just one that loves the written words - whomever it may come from...

PS : I know it has already been 2 months into the new year. I had been busy chasing after my soul...
PS2 : I have trouble spelling dissappearing disappearing....