Friday, August 31, 2012

♫ Just for fun ♫

...tried something last night because I couldn't sleep. Be kind to me people - I was feeling a little bit emo and blurted this out...


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Emo S*** seems as though you are lost but not gone...fragments of you floats in mind of which I thought I had sealed away but all it takes is a glance of that familiar smile and and your name... 

It's addictive, I think - to yearn for something that is tell yourself you will never again and yet the next instance, knowingly or otherwise, you fall again into that same pattern and you struggle to keep yourself afloat and hoping to never drown once again in that sea where neither land nor ships exist to save your poor pitiful soul...

omg - sooo emo kan? =\ 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Head feels exactly like that ( <----- ) !!
The week after my vacation has been crazy!! Maybe it's the post vacation depression talking but but but I dunno - it just feels "aarrgghhh!!!"
I don't even have time to blog about my awesome trip to Cambodia!! *sobs*
But I promise I will! Even if I find myself headless, I will still be standing! (granted I might not know where I'm going or whom I'm with or what I'm doing....hmmm...)
Anyhu...a short interlude to get away from the grind of the's August! My fav month of the year because, well, I was born in this month many 21 years ago :p
Hey, a girl can dream ;)

Peace out!


PS : I left my camera transfer cable back in Msia - which means my va-kay pics are stuck - need to buy replacement cable!!