Friday, April 19, 2013

3 people, 30 wings...

...sometimes the things that go bump in the night are a comfort...

Yeap you read it right - 3 people 30 wings. That was what me and my friends had to endure tonight. Ok, so it was not so much an endurement as opposed to an enjoyment hehehe :p I mean c'mon, it's eating chicken wings! It's never gonna be bad. Of course unless you somehow get a bad (I mean, bad!!) plate of wings... *shudders*

Anyways, I think we did pretty well. We finished 27 out of the 30 wings that was brought to us. At first we didn't think it would be anything. Hooters in Singapore had 5 different flavors of wings and we were very (very!!) gung ho to try all of em. And no, we didnt think of 1 flavor each wing for each of us - we went like, "Ummm, can we have  wings for each flavor please?" It had been a long day for all of us, wings seems like a very nice comfort :p It really hit us once they all came. They came in 6 diff plates, 5 in each. The table all of a sudden looked too small and somehow it seemed as if all eyes were on us (gulp!). Weeelll, the awkwardness only lasted like for a couple of seconds. Haha.

I have to tell you that we did not only have wings. I mean, we had beer (I had like 5 pints or so), umm, mashed potatoes, just to stir things up (yeah, we were such bad-ass! mash potatoes on a Thursday night!) and my one friend decided she wanted to eat the waffles with ice cream! So between the 3 of us, managing to finish 27 chicken wings within a couple of hours is nothing short of an achievement! (cue the applause!).

It's always easy and nice when you have good company. Yeah yeah, I know most of you are gonna just glance past this thinking that it's nothin'! Plenty of people have eaten much much more. But I think, we think it was really awesome. Yes, we wont be eating much chicken wings for awhile but you know, we'd never trade it for salad and twiggly celery :p

Now I'm back home - night is still early but what's a girl to do? Work comes beckoning in the morn. If it was the weekend, I'd probably hop into the nearest club to dance the wings off but reality needs me to be
responsible (blerghhh...). 

I'm so f***in full but I am feelin' good. We had good music, good food and good company. There's never a better way to shake off a shitty work day :) Ok, I'm gonna go try to get some sleep now. Much to do tomorrow!!