Monday, May 31, 2010

A Trip Back in Time...

We're here!!!.....yipee!!

I almost forgot how much I enjoy vacations, until the other day when I was out for a daytrip to Malacca with a bunch of friends. Yeah yeah, it was just a daytrip (I realized that, I was actually there okay :P) but I had a ton of fun! Whee!!! Please forgive me for the extremely long post…tried my very best to condense it as much as I could!

Well, I didn’t fancy the weather much-blistering unforgiving sunshine. I was almost roasted wtf! Thank god for NH’s sunscreen I was only partially cooked hahas. So there we were, smack in the middle of the midday sun walking around (being all tourist-y). Was so excited that we got a parking spot near to Jonker Street only to realize that we were not that close to Jonker kekeke :p…no matter…we kept our chins high and soaked up the sun (yeah, my semangat only lasted like 5minutes after which I was cursing at why the sun had to be soooo damn hot!!). Nearly (actually) wished for rain to fall. But I guess Mr. Rain was on vay-kay too =\ oh well…onwards we go!!

The Destination!!! -1st of many-

So naturally like all tourists do (we considered ourselves tourists lor…) we ended up @Jonker Street/Walk. It was around like 11.00am and despite the deliciously pedas nasi goreng that we had in the car (Izzy packed up her breakfast that her mum made for her. We DID NOT beg her to tapao. Seriously! :p) we made a beeline towards the Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls Shop at the end of Jonker Walk (I forgot to take a picture of the shop. To engrossed with the rice balls!) When in Malacca, you just gotta have a taste of the chicken rice balls!! The balls were smaller than expected (eeee sounds so wrong…:p) but they were good. Chicken was so-so. But loved the herbal soupy thingie that came with the meal set though :D CT was ‘lucky’ I should say. She got ‘rained’ on by some sort of bird-poop (okay la, it was actually real bird poo…kesian CT L) I wonder why we did not take a pic of that? Hmmm…

Ppl actually lining up in the sun for chicken rice balls. Not the shop that we went to but it was an amazing sight lor…and I guess they were also a little bored queuing that they smiled to a stranger (moi!) who was also bored and thus was snapping pics of ppl queuing hahas!

Anyhu, that was that. A bird-poo and brunch later, we headed towards the other common tourist-y places in Malacca. The Stadhyus (Stat-house as it’s pronounced- I googled :p)! Took pictures (obviously not from my camera ~sad~) at the steps leading up the the museums. Apparently we are natural born models (chewah hehe) coz where we were posing for pics there was an actual photoshoot going on (model was not that amazing so we were not that interested huhuhu! :p yes, I know, very perasan…)

This is us being so model-y posing like nobody’s business! -pic by CT-

This was the not-so-waah-model. Not waah at all rite? Told u I wasn’t lying! Blueks! -pic by CT-

So we finally went up the stairs. NH loved the red walls of the Stadhyus. And so did I J Decided that we should enter the Ethnography Museum just coz we thought we should :p There was a bunch of broken shards of pottery and un-stable looking mannequins that felt like they were gonna topple onto us (and did I mention they looked scary as well). I loved the weapons sections. Thought the olden pistols looked damn cool and nearly wanted to steal them too. Thank god I was there with my friends or not I totally would have lor…true story…

Met someone in Malacca-Elephish…*shy* hehehe

Just before we left, we all tried taking a group picture of us jumping for joy. First pic tak jadi coz NH’s tummy was showing. Second pic oso tak jadi coz this time my tummy was showing pulak @_@ but everyone thot the 2nd pic was the best coz everyone was really jumpin high. Outvoted so that pic will be posted in FB. NH was a dear and told that she would color in my tummy =\ ….

This was where we jumped our hearts out!! *whee!!*

After the excitement of jumping (in the noon sun mind you…), we wanted to visit the A’Famosa Fort but…..all succumbed to going to the cendol stall instead kekeke…we decided to come back to the fort in the evening when it wasn’t that sunny (not that any of us were complaining or anything :p). Cendol was a God send!! (note the dramatics? That’s me dramaqueen…-__-) But seriously, after hours of melting in the sun and being baked inside a museum, cendol was a saviour!! I had the durian one with Chris while the rest took the normal cendol (I dunno what it’s called – original??). It was soo good!!

Heaven was in the shape of a bowl of durian cendol! :D

We wanted to stay on longer but there was a group of girls who was right beside us standing and staring! Obviously they are waiting for the table but hello must be that obvious meh?? (cursed them that they would choke on their cendols…okay la, so I wasn’t that bad…we just left only -_-“)

I met another someone…Giffy! ~so shy~ *beh tahan myself*

My poison for the day - Sabah coffee, ice cold!!

We scooted off to get some coffee after. And so we arrived at Calanthe Art Café!! Where they served coffee from the 13 states of Malaysia! Damn cun right?? I loved the Sabah coffee that I had. Secretly I promised to come back (no matter how many times it will take) and try all the other states coffee!! :D The brownies was to die for (and we did! God rest our souls :p hehe). I loved the ambience!! So quirky and artsy!! I would definitely come back here J (thanks JA for your recommendation!!loved it!!)

Part of the interior of Calanthe *heart*

We decided that we had enough of Jonker for the day. Bought some souvenir stuffies (mostly food stuffies coz I’m a pig…Oink…oink…) and on the way to the car we managed to stop by Limau Limau Café (another one of those quaint, quirky, artsy places *heart*). I bought a Lychee Fruit Freeze (so the yummy!!!!) which gave us the opportunity for more camwhoring sessions!! Woot!!

Silhouette of the gang. Limfy manages a peace sign! Oops where's CT?

There u are CT-san...oops, now where's Chris and NH??

We drove off towards where Mahkota Parade was. We were meeting a friend for tea at an illusive café that sells really really good mille crepes!! After a few roundings and turnings (and after stopping for Izzy to relieve herself hehe…okay it sounds as if we made her pee at the side of the road…we were actually very kind okay and stopped her at a random hotel okay…) Finally found the café – Nadeje Patisserie. Loved the mille crepes that we had!!!

Yummy mille crepes!! Wish I had some with me now!! *sobs*

We met baby Brian who took a fancy towards me. I’m not kidding! He did!! How am I sure you may ask?...well, out of everyone, he chose my hair to pull!! Hehehe…so cute!! I’m so touched ~shy again~

By the bay of the Portuguese Settlements

Taking Adeline’s advice we drove to the Portuguese settlements for more photo ops!! The day was ending and being beside the sea was beautiful (dun mind me, I’m such a sucker for nature… :p) We took random pics. We even took mad farney-silly pics – one where we were like ultraman and there was one where I looked I was ‘ehem-ing’ the lamp post (I don’t know why I used the word ehem-ing…sigh *shakes head*) while the rest followed suit behind me…@_@ Gotta wait for NH to upload the pics b4 you can see them...I'm quite scared actually... *whimper*

My lover for the day…~so so so shy now lor…~

By the time we left the settlements it was already dark. There goes our plans to visit the A’Famosa Fort...oh well, there is always the next time (*hint,hint*) hehe…so we all decided to head straight to Umbai for seafood dinner!!! Izzy’s suggestion. At first we thought we were lost and would end up in Muar hahas (which I didn’t mind coz we can then have otak-otak!!kekeke..). But of course we didn’t and found our way to the Umbai Floating Seafood place (okay la not really floating kays…) where we had grilled fish, sambal sotong, sotong goreng, butter prawns and mixed veggie (just to show we do care about the greens!)…it was good!!…again, didn’t take any pics coz my blackberry’s in-built camera not that geng (not geng at all) for night shots…

Umbai...the moon was out just for us...yeah, that little dot rite there is the moon lor...damnit BB camera!!

After a satisfying dinner (yumsss) we went home…drove Izzy back to her mum’s place in Senawang and continued the drive back to PJ there after. Reached home just pass 12 midnight. Feelin’ sticky and sun burnt but all in all it was worth everything. Who knew a daytrip to the neighboring state of historical Malacca would prove to be so much fun. I guess you can’t deny that good company makes everything twice as fun! And the food…oh wow! That would definitely not be the last visit. Still loads more places to go. Can’t wait for the next time J But for now…well, it’s back to my borin’ ol’ deskjob where I punch in numbers and hope that it makes sense to others hahas! :p

Melaka – Bandaraya Bersejarah!!

PS : Skye will promise to get herself a nice camera b4 the next trip to anywhere...or not you ppl can smack some sense into her absent minded brain yeah! :p