Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Fine Frenzy

Goodbye, my almost lover 
Goodbye, my hopeless dream 
I'm trying not to think about you 
Can't you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance 
My back is turned on you 
I should've known you'd bring me heartache 
Almost lovers always do


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aaarrghhh!! There's a Spider in my Bed!!

I swear you can hear the tiniest pin drop in the silence of the night. Thankfully it was not as still as it could have been. The silent vacuum was occasionally broken by the faint but decisive tap of fingers against keyboards, and in between, you'd hear the grunts and mumblings of a frustrated soul. If people didn't know any better, they'd think that there was something sinisterly paranormal going on. 

Outside the window the world didn't seem that foreign - cars still zoomed by and the horizon was dotted with lit ships. Up above, the blinking tail lights of passenger carriers trail the deep velvet skies with fading scars...on any other occasion, this would have been a sight to get lost into....

A thud against the mahogany table top snapped me back to reality and I turned my gaze back to the bright colored wall...I looked at my watch - it was an hour away till the dead of night and I find myself trapped within the confines of the four walls (ok so one of the sides is glass...) that were supposed to be my saviour (in a manner of speaking...) The irony was not lost on me but there wasn't much that I could do but to sigh...

I tried closing my eyes, tried to find some way to transport myself out of my current predicament...but booming voices steer me off my tracks and I crash back to where I am (so close)...I know I should be focusing on what was going on in front of me but my mind refuses (can I blame it??) and it insists on wandering off into Neverland...and so I find myself circling within dilemmas and trying to plant my feet on the ground. The thought of flying away was so tempting though...

It doesn't make sense I told myself. It shouldn't be this complicated. But then again, I don't seem to make much sense to myself most of the time - I blame it on the crazy...aahh well, life's never simple, the paths are never straight. It wouldn't be much "fun" either if getting from A to B is a ruled line...Ha! There I go again, burrying myself under a juxtaposition of contradictions. Well done!

Maybe all I need is to get home and get some sleep. Maybe in the morning things might present itself with a new perspective. Maybe I might sprout wings and high tail it out of here ;-) Yeahhh, there's always the hope of tomorrow, it may be a fools hope but I hold it close nonetheless - true to being a hopeless romantic...


PS : In case you're wondering what is the deal with the title - one night 3 years ago, I went to bed and found a spider in between the covers. True story.