Wednesday, January 15, 2014


"...once I wanted to be the greatest. No wind nor waterfall can stall me. And then came the rush of the flood, stars of night turned deep to dust..."
~Cat Power~

It's January. It's a new year. And the past year, I've felt like I've been hovering in some sort of limbo. I was neither here nor there. Not entirely lost, yet not found neither. I've had to search for my smile regularly. I've discovered parts of myself that I had never known to exist. And there were parts that I hid from the world.

It's January. It's a new year. I wish it would be a weird one. A weird wish I know. But time moves in a linear, forward progression and I am no God to stop it. Like a stranger on a train, I travel ahead, a reluctant slave to this momentum. Where am I heading? I cannot tell. But forward I go. I can only hope that on my way, I find the things that can fill my soul with much love and light.

It's January. It's a new year...