Friday, February 26, 2010


Walks in the park during cold winter nights,
I breathed out looking up at the stars,
Looking for some sort of sign,
Looking for a celestial map to lead me on...

Are you out there?...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Tempestuous Skye...

So I was just thinking the other day on what it means to be spontaneous and impetuous. Is it when you really go out there and do something rash and dangerous? Would it then only be considered so? Must an act be life-threatening and stupid (as in really stoopid la :P) to be labelled as spontaneous and impetuous?

Well personally I believe that if you decide to step out of your comfort zone to thread on paths that had never before been taken or simply to try something completely and utterly new albeit simple and nonchalant, this is what it means to be spontaneous and impetuous. No need for any daredevil stunts nor law-breaking's just you willing to take the road less travelled and it is you doing so without being told to do so or pressured into...a simple choice to be someone you never thought you could be, even if it's just for a second...

I'm not making much sense but I have this bubbling need within me to be spontaneous and impetuous ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Fork in the Road...

Everyday we wake up to's amazing how we all walk around not realizing the steps and paths taken from the simplest and subtlest choices made. But there you go, the human dilemma. We take for granted in most things we do.

Choosing one over the other, sometimes it really is just a choice but we fail to see the bigger picture - who did we hurt? who got left behind? There is always a loser. The one that had gotten the shorter end of the stick. Do you know who you let down when you make a choice? I don't even realise it sometimes...and it's a sad thought. But you say, 'Hey, choices need to be made. Everyone cannot be pleased at one go.' And to that I say, 'So true..'

Crappy how the universe works isn't it? That's life. It is made by a gazillion choices. So people out there, think and reason the choices you make. It only takes one bad choice to break apart, one choice to crumble another persons reality...

So how do we choose?


I'll move on...maybe it would take longer than I expect it to, and maybe it would take shorter than I want it to...
It's hard to watch the sun rise and fall each day when all I can think of is how it would feel like to have you with me...
Someday when this heart isn't as fragile as it is now, I might just be able to breath again...someday...

I told you so...enough is enough...

So You Think You Can Dance

One of the few of my favorite dance pieces from SYTYCD. The first is a contemporay peice by the amazing amazing Mia Michaels (she is so talented!!) :

This next one is also one of my favorites. This was choreographed by Travis Wall who was the dancer in the above piece. Jeanine (the eventual winner for the season) and Jason did an amazing job bringing this choreography to life...words cannot express :

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My eyes are closed as I laid my head on the couch. I can still see the light through my closed eyes. The TV is on. xxxHolic was playing. Something about that series that calms my soul when I watch it. It's a little bit absurd people would say. I won't blame them. The show is about the paranormal-ghosts, ghouls, spirits...basically things that go bump in the night. Oddly enough, strange calmness overcomes my senses when it's on. It feels as though I'm transported into a fantasy world...yeah I'm weird, I know :P

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slow Like Honey...

You moved like honey in my dream last night
Yeah, some old fires were burning
You came near to me and you endeared to me
But you couldn't quite discern me

Does that scare you? I'll let you run away
But your heart will not oblige you
You'll remember me like a melody
Yeah, I'll haunt the world inside you

And my big secret - Gonna win you over
Slow like honey, heavy with mood

I'll let you see me, I'll covet your regard
I'll invade your demeanor
And you'll yield to me like a scent in the breeze
And you'll wonder what it is about me

It's my big secret - Keeping you coming
Slow like honey, heavy with mood

Though dreams can be deceiving
Like faces are to hearts
They serve for sweet relieving
When fantasy and reality lie too far apart

So I stretch myself across, like a bridge
And I pull you to the edge
And stand there waiting
Trying to attain
The end to satisfy the story
Shall I release you?
Must I release you?
As I rise to meet my glory

But my big secret
Gonna hover over your life
Gonna keep you reaching
When I'm gone like yesterday
When I'm high like heaven
When I'm strong like music
''cause I'm slow like honey, and
Heavy with mood

~Fiona A.~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Made My Day...

I stumbled upon this very very very nice (nice doesn't quite cut it as well haha) quote online today. There's no fancy words nor lyrical proses...just simple and straight forward. I guess it just hit me very close to heart. Very close to what I'm going through. I read this and it put a smile on my made my day :D

PS : Solbeam...thank you...

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Truth about Me...

Have you ever found yourself in a state where you realise you don't really know who you are much? I mean, yeah, there is a lot of things about yourself that you still have yet to discover but how about the things which you thought you had got it down? You go about your life pretty sure about certain aspects of your life and then *kablam!* something happens and in an instant a whole new side of you appears. It's okay if that side was sorta pretty good (haha) but what if it's something you did not expect at all...? How do you explain to yourself how wrong you had been all these while?

The truth is, I just discovered a little something about myself. A side of me which I never thought I had to come face to face with. And it's a bit of a turmoil within me at the moment. A kinduh love hate relationship between me and myself. It made me realise that I truly have a lot to discover about myself...and...I think I had always liked that idea...self discovery-a little intimidating but very much exciting...I'm still learning and I love learning. So this shall be another lesson in life, another step forward...jia you Skye! :)

Kings and Queens

I *heart* 30 Seconds to Mars