Tuesday, June 25, 2013


'...it's like, songs, sort of, speaks my mind in ways I can't speak with my own words...what's that all about?'

I think I live too much in my head most of the times. I'm afraid it will start to amalgamate into one soon and I would not be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. That's when I will need to check myself into rehab. Are those sort of thoughts a little bit psychotic you reckon? I think it is a bit creepy. But I kinduh enjoy it a little...hmmm...

"Let's go slowly, discouraged,
We'll burn the pictures instead
When it's all over we can barely discuss
For one minute only
Not with the fortunate only
Thought it could have been something else
These days it comes it comes it comes it comes it comes and goes

Think less but see it grow
Like a ride, like a riot, Oh!
Not easily offended
Know how to let it go
From a mess to the masses"

It's Antoni Gaudi's birthday today. Happy Birthday Antoni. You'd be 161 today if it was not because you got knocked down by a tram. Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean you would have lived till today if you weren't road kill =\ Anyhu, I really love your work and I hope that one day soon I'll be able to visit them. To revel in your weird architectural inspirations is one of my top lists of stuff to do.


PS : I just realized I was conversing with a dead dude...I might need to check into rehab sooner that I thought...
PPS : But then again, many a sane people have had conversations with the non-living...rehab can wait...