Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Veronicas!!! [Volkswagen Street Party 2010]


Halloween's eve was just awesome!!! I got to see The Veronicas live!! (The Veronicas!!! xoxo) It was just awesome (yes, yes, it's one of those posts where I'll be using the word awesome a lot coz well, it's awesome!!!!!)
It started out quite mellow - The Volkswagen (Das Auto *german accent* :p) Street Party at Changkat Bukit Bintang started slow. Rain was drizzling and the crowd was only so so when local band Estrella started playing around 6++. Of course the majority of the crowd was waiting for the likes of The Veronicas - Australian rock band headed by a couple of the most beautiful girls (well, I think they are smokin'!!) Lisa and Jessica Orrigliasso *swoon* and also Leona Lewis - England's power songstress. AWESOME!!!
Me and my sis and friends were here for The Veronicas. It's they're first time performing here in Malaysia and they were awesome!! They rocked out their songs from their albums and we sang along to every single one of it!! We managed to push our way right to the front of the stage! (awesome or what?? :D) and got ourselves an awesome view of them performing!!! This time I brought my camera with me. Yeah it was freaking heavy (achin' arms T_T) but it was totally worth it!!! I got amazingly awesome shots of them rockin it out on stage *heart*

I was sweating like a pig (again...must be I was a pig in my past life - true story -___-) but I didn't care!!! I got pushed down and squashed by an old chinese guy (what the hell was that old fart doin there anyways grrrrrr!!) but I got up and cheered for The Veronicas anyhu - awesomely at that ;p. Wished that they're performance wasn't short though but hey, they were here and they were awesome and I can't complain *wheeeeeee*
Leona Lewis came up on stage next. Her hair was long and flowy and she wore a pretty black dress which looked stunning on her. I lost my spot in front of the stage as we went back to Daikanyama to chill after The Veronicas performed. When Leona started, the crowd was even more packed (sardines can't even compare!!) and so I only managed halfway through. The battery in my camera was dying and thus I couldn't get much pictures of her. But she belted out
all her hits like Happy, Bleeding Love, Better in Time etc...

The streets of Changkat was filled with people and on top of that they were people in costumes all around!! One can only expect as much it being Halloween Eve and all. The atmosphere was amazing and so was the party! It was hosted by Henry Golding and Kylie Chapman and I think they did a pretty good job keepin the flow goin. But of course for me, The Veronicas was the awesome highlight of the night!!!!

We left Changkat as the fireworks signifying the end of the party was displayed in the KL night sky. But our night did not end there no it did not! We headed out towards Laundry at The Curve for our own after party of sorts - awesome (say what?? :p) tequilla shots all around and jugs of beer!! I got pulled to dance and enjoyed it surprisingly!!! It's been long since I hit the dance floor and it was awesomely good to do so - thanks A!! muacks!!

After Laundry we went for a quick food stop at a local 24 hour mamak stall for some Milo Ice and Maggie Goreng (say it with me - awesome! right? right? :p) By the time we headed home it was already 5AM. Got home, jumped into the shower and then onto bed and thought of Lisa and Jess of The Veronicas as I went to sleep A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!

PS : The Veronicas said they gonna come back to Malaysia for a proper tour!!!! I can't wait for that!!! Awesome!!!
PPS : I'm gonna watching out for the next Volkswagen Street party - they throw awesome parties dudes!!!
PPPS : I'm lovin' October!!!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank You...

Okay, so...sometimes it feels like everything sort of falls into place the way I want it to or at least even not exactly the same way but...some where along the same lines :)

It does make me stop and think if i really do have a guardian angel watching over me. If I do, then thank you angel of mine!! You put a smile on my face and though it can get me into to trouble (ehem, you know what trouble I'm talking about), I'm still smiling silly about it!!

It was and is good and I am just more than happy at the moment. If you are out there listening to my prayers, then, I owe you a tonne :) thank you for being the silent strength that guides me through my dark times...thank you for listening :)

"Pour Mi Ange"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Silly 'ol Me =D

Its good to hear your voice,
It carves a willing smile across my face,
For reasons that are absent from me,
but I do not care for reasons,
Reasons make the world complicated.
When all we need is to just accept,
accept that somethings are good just the way they are,
and for us to smile silly about it,
well, it just shows that we have a heart.
And my heart is a flutter at times,
and I smile silly when no one's smiling,
maybe because I am just me :)

*applause!* kekekekeke.....

Yeah, I know, I'm loosing it aren't I? *roll-eyes*

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Thoughts II...

Where are you?
Let me find you...

I'm suddenly feeling scared that my life is stuck in a rut...therefore the best solution I can think of right now is to do something in, stop thinking so much and just do. Consequences is something to worry about later on...

Okay, now that has been established, it's time to DO!

Go Skye?

Friday, October 22, 2010

I Wrote This For You...

I wrote this for you...
Who are we fooling?
Will anyone else exist they way we do?
The way we beautifully tangle within the other...
To find what we have...
Somehow it seems just about right - you and I...


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paramore Live!!!!!!

I am in love with Hayley Williams! XD
God! Their live performance last night was awesome!!! I can understand now why some people say that seeing an artist perform live is way way better especially if they are as totally awesome as Paramore!! (yeah, you're gonna be seeing me use the word 'awesome' a lot! :p) I was screaming for most parts of the time!!! XD

Now, listening to their songs, I can picture them on the stage and belting it out! Hayley is truly awesome!! I mean her voice is amazing, and you know I'm not lying cause I saw her sing live last night and her voice was friggin' awesome ('awesome' word count anyone? hahas) This is their first time to Malaysia. They did venture to the east about a year ago, but they stopped in Singapore and at that time I missed seeing them (i) It was in Singapore - a bit far (ii) It was in Singapore - $$ *roll-eyes* There was about 8,000 ppl that came for the concert last nite!! I envied those at the rockzone, they were so close to Hayley! Her sweat would have showered onto them (did, I just type that out??pfft!) Me, my sis and her friends had the cheapest tix available, but the seats weren't bad actually. I could still see Hayley's bright reddish-orangey on the stage - awesome!! We stood up and danced and sang a long to all the songs they performed!! I was sweating like a pig-in-a-roast-pit! (true story). I didn't care though! Why? Coz they were effin' AWESOME!!!!!!
I knew about Paramore long before they became this worldwide phenomenon. Thanks to my sis who introduced them to me years and years ago ;) it's always great to see bands/artists that you love come out to be the awesome superstars that they are. Some people may think they had 'turned' and succumbed to mainstream popularity (my sis included :p but she still loves 'em :D) but for me, I see them as chasing their dreams and living them!! It's something to be proud of XD *awesome!!!*
Well, the high of the concert is still inside of me. Hadn't died down, so much so that I feel as though I wanna skip work today and go stalk them at the airport :p okay larrr....i'm not that much of a creep kekeke...but the feeling is there, the feeling to meet Paramore and just talk to them about their music, their inspiration and how they feel about all that has been happening to them...

In any case, I had an awesome time!! I can't wait for their next tour. I will be there in a heartbeat and hopefully I can get a backstage pass the next time XD For now, I'm just gonna continue to listen to their music (and Hayley's awesome voice! say what?!) like I had always had and hope that they will be around for a long time making awesome music!!!!

PS : So sad that I couldn't bring my camera to the concert. Would have gotten great shots of the band performing. Kept complaining to my sis throughout the concert. Damnit.
PPS : Thus, the bad quality of images taken using my Blackberry. Well, I guess it's still better than nothing huh... :p
PPPS : So how many times did I use the word awesome anyways? kekeke

Monday, October 18, 2010

Brain Freeze

Sometimes I sit and think why aren't good things happening to me?
Then I think again and it seems like a silly thought to think about (no??)
And I start to think about some of the good things that had happened to me...
And I really think that I am thankful for those things...
Whoa! I think too much don't I? :p *brain freeze*

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Girl with The Painted Nails...muahahaha...

got me nails done :)
dark brown....though under fluorescent lighting it looks like it is a deep shade of burgundy ;p but if i walked under the sunlight (which is impossible coz I'm a vampire..chewah..keke) you can see
that it is indeed brown...i like the shade nonetheless hehehe :)

The place where i went to get me nails and toes done was called Colorz Cabin. It's a new place which opened up 3 months ago in Uptown. There was a special promotion going on for those working at IBM, that's why a couple of my colleagues and I went to check it out =D the staff were so friendly and nice and the atmosphere was quite pleasant. They even kindly let us (okayla, let my friends) choose a movie to watch while we had our mani and pedi done. It was a funny Msian movie called Ice Kacang Puppy Love. It was quite a good movie actually :)

Believe it or not (okay, okay so you would surely believe it one lor....), I have never had my nails or toes done, professionally that is, before. I always thought that it's sort of a waste of money coz, heck! i can certainly paint my own nails!! (no??) and after yesterday, i kinduh still think it is...don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed the pampering and all (it was damn syiok!!) but......hmmm...I dunno, if you ask me would I come back and do this again, I would say, yeah for sure I would but not as often as some people do it. I guess different people have different ways of interpreting self-pampering. For me it's just enough to hang out with a book and a cup of coffee (heaven!! XD)

I would recommend it though, to those who are thinking of getting their nails and toes done :) Colorz Cabin is a nice place, well from what I can see last night. It's good to go pamper your worn out nail beds. They do offer nail spa treatment as well (i was like, nails have spas too???) and make up services if you want.

All in all, it was a nice time. Highlight of it - dipping my hands into the paraffin wax thingie hehehe. I love playing with candles kekekeke...oh joy!! XD

PS : I started reading The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo on my flight back from London. Since getting back I haven't found time enough to finish it...sigh...
PPS : Yeah I know, how come I found time to go do my nails right??? pffffft!!! :p

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


After weeks (drama much?? :p) of intense work schedules (*wipes brows*), the chaos of the quarter month end accounting close has finally died eyes are soo tired from lack of rest and I am constantly yawning *yawn....* (see, i told ya??)'s not that I don't want to, but....I can't really concentrate on work feeling so tired and sleepy...

I cannot wait for the weekend (whee!!!) to come - it's the company's Family Day on Saturday and I am going with a bunch of my colleagues. It has been sort of like a tradition for us. Every year we would make it to the family day even if the major motivation point for us was the fab lucky draw prizes that are always up for grabs! the top prize has always been Sony or LG flat screen TVs (cool, no??) which my friend won one 2 years back (lucky her, hmmph!! :p) other than that, they also have PS3's, Nintendo Wii's, digital cameras and dvd players up for grabs!! I mean, cmon, how can you not want to win any one of those??? so i'm gonna start asking the universe for a little luck on that day hehehe...heck, I would be happy if i could win just a tiny thumb drive :p (what can i say...I'm cheap! blueekk!!!)

I'm taking time off from work next Monday and Tuesday. Mainly to recuperate and because I'll be going for the Paramore's concert (woohoo!!!!! I love you Hayley!! XD) on Tuesday night with my sis and her friends!!! Can't wait for that. I missed watching the band live when they came down to Singapore last year :( So I grabbed the tix when i heard they will be down in KL this time. All whom are going to the concert gimme a holler!! wooot!woot! XD

So in between Saturday's family day and Tuesday's concert, I still have a 2 day time period to just relax and enjoy the hours slip by. Could be planning for trip to Pavilion one of those days with my camera to do some photography and just chill...we'll see how it goes...I'd probably be too effin lazy (i am a pig..i am, i am...) to wanna step out of the house though...sigh...what is wrong with me huh? :p

Monday, October 11, 2010

England XD

I remember the moon, lonely and beautiful in the velvet sky. The valley blanketed by millions of stars. I stared out the car window, out into the vast open landscapes of the north. The cold night wind blowing against my face, stinging my eyes but I was still holding a smile. There, in a foreign land, on a dark night, enveloped by the cold autumn breezes, I felt content and joy and a twinge of excitement inexplicable by words...I sighed :)

London left me awed…if I close my eyes now, the first thing that pops into my head was me walking in the cold rain but it felt far from cold and wet, it felt just about right…if I wanted to write about every single day I was there, it will take more than one extremely long post. So I’m just gonna sum it up…

It felt more like home when I felt the wind blew across my face. I walked around the city with my hands in my jacket pocket and my head covered with a hat. But my eyes couldn’t stop looking around me. I’m aware that I was in a foreign land but I smiled to myself most of the times, even when the gale wind was trying to knock me off of my feet. The people were more than inviting. I guess friendly doesn’t quite explain it. They are very open with their smiles and greetings and of generally everything going on if you took the time to ask them, ‘How are you today?’ I like that…

The sceneries were amazing. It was as if I stepped in to one of the pictures I stumbled across of London. There in front of me, right before my eyes, were some of the most amazing sights that I had the privilege to see. A little dramatic I might sound but, I can’t help the way that I feel (this is a recurring theme if you noticed haha)…

If time permitted, I would have spend days just walking aimlessly around the city – no destination, no time limit, just a tiny hunger for a little adventure. And when I felt the need to rest my achy feet (which ached real bad when I was there :p), I would just look out for one of the many beautiful parks and plunk my self down to catch my breath. I knew I would enjoy sitting down in a park and just doing nothing. The towering greens singing in the breezing winds of autumn, the leaves were just about to turn yellow and orange and red. Squirrels were friendly. They’d come up to you if they can see you holding food in your hands, waiting anxiously for you to feed them a little piece. Their tails were bushy and their eyes shiny. Cute lil’ fellas 

People walked every where in London. The streets are a bustle with people from all walks of life. And in these bustles I got to see fashion at its core – on real life, everyday people. I see jackets – high collared, double breasted, short, long, poufy, fury…tops – shiny, sleeveless, funny, chic, formal, ratty hehe…on their legs – jeans, trousers, really short skirts or really long ones, mostly leggings – basic black, holey ones, patterned, scratched up…and their feet – trainers, slippers, sandals, pumps, heels, stilettos, platforms but mostly boots – leather, ankle length, knee length, black, brown, belted, cowboy, studded…I almost went crazy! I loved the fashion over there. I could see myself walking the streets just being inspired. Fashion is art and art is me…
Food was yummy!! Yes, they are not the spicy, flavor-filled dishes that I grew up with but I still loved it. Most of the days, I ate sandwiches and they were usually the most simplest of fillings such as mustard and ham but somehow they tasted awesome. And what’s more, they were soo cheap (okay la, if you don’t convert kays… :p) Missed them sandwiches…Borough Market was one of the highlights in my trip. It’s a food frenzy! - Lines of stalls in a corner plot shadowed by a church (can you say quaint? :p). When I went, it was drizzling (again :p) but the sights and smells of the market was awesomeness…
Well, good things come to an end. And I hope for me, it’s just temporary. I wish to come back and I know I will, later if not sooner, my heart still insatiable.

I discovered what I had thought I had lost – my love of art and fashion. London opened up my eyes and inspired me tremendously. And now, although feeling a little down and out since getting back, I’m psyched as well pumped to start pursuing my dreams. Been sketching a lot and scribbling more than ever. This I hope is a good sign that I am on the right path to something that I truly love XD

PS : I have that tingling feeling again in my tummy. It’s a good thing I reckon. Butterflies make me smile :)
PS1 : More pictures to be uploaded in my Facebook page soon! :) I hope hahas… :p

Friday, October 1, 2010


Where have all my strength gone?
Did it leave me when u decide to stop loving...?
Now breathing seems so hard...
And days when I don't cry has been lost...

I guess I'll hide my heart,
Never should I have brought it out into your sun,
I believed your beautiful words so willingly,
Now it's fading in distant memories...

But you have been etched within me,
And there you will reside till the day I die,
I keep you in a special place close inside,
So I would know where to look when I think of you...

Maybe the Gods and Fates have turned a blind eye,
These days void of you have been agonizing,
And yet I still pledge to you my sincere love,
Because...well, sometimes there is no need for reason to love...