Thursday, January 29, 2009

...of dreams...

there was lady who had a dream,
n in this dream she had a feeling,
of wonderous, thunderous n lightning beams,
dat left her opened armed n kneeling…
da waves of blue dat crashed her feet,
made her jump n sighed for da deep,
n da little creatures dat she waited 2 meet,
she jus wanna hold close n keep…
n when da burning amber starts 2 fade,
she lies beside da heathen day,
n dwell she did in memories made,
waking up 2 da sweet singing blue jay…

the Bard...eternal...

Full many a glorious morning have i seen
Flatter the mountain tops with sovereign eye,
Kissing with golden face the meadows green,
Gilding pale streams with heavenly alchemy;
Anon permit the basest clouds to ride
With ugly rack on his celestial face,
And from the forlorn world his visage hide,
Stealing unseen to the west with this disgracce:
Even so my sun one early morn did shine
With all triumphant splendor on my brow;
But out, alack! he was but one hour mine;
The region cloud hath mask’d him from me now.
Yet him for this my love no whit disdaineth;
Suns of the world may stain when heaven’s sun staineth.

-William Shakespeare-
Sonnet 33

the devil'd night...

there was the devil’d night that swooped by,
in waves that stretches the arms of time,
a single rose lay gently down,
on dews and hues of the eternal glow,
the sly wind passed howling by,
stars stopped to listen the lullaby,
came and sat was dogged gone willow,
strangely it seems like a wondrous pillow,
to the south i see the naked lines,
of the looming horizon beyond the pines,
so the devil’d night which plateaued high,
now it bows to the heavens with a humble sigh…


i waved a solemn goobye,
to the memories i made as a child,
in secret places where secrets lie,
i placed my heart n walked on by,
da light caressed my reddened cheek,
as the wind took me in da deep,
amber leaves fell in place of footsteps…
tiny things came out of shadows,
put a smile on a lonely widow,
howlings of the nite gave little shudders,
as i hurried to catch my dreams yonder…
i felt a sudden rush of excitement,
i know now dat iv been touched,
by the pale lonesome moonlight…
as i looked above to share my plight,
the nite darkened in a haunting sigh,
made me realise wat i kno is right…


I grew up dreaming big. It’s all that I have ever known. My best friends are my dreams. They keep me company through nights where I feel like I’m the only person alive. They share my joy and feel my pain…Do you ever feel the same?...or it just me and me alone…

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We stumble upon a new year again…once it was an exciting endeavor, to embrace the coming of a new future, to celebrate once more the things that were left behind in times gone by. But the year came and I am standing looking on but I’m feeling the same as I was yesterday…Maybe some parts of me are broken…Maybe….

What is it that is different now? I can’t find a point to place my finger on and the itch is growing by the day…there was a time many moons ago when I felt joy…I still do, but the feeling is fleeting away slowly just like the sand castles I built when I was a child…I’m afraid that there will come a day when I would not be able to recognize the meaning of a smile…

Lord only knows that another day is not really guaranteed…here I am weeping on the year ahead of me…nothing assured, nothing realized...wish I had wings that could take me away from reality…in dreams, now that is somewhere where I can bear a sincere smile…where the rain falls not on you but with you…

Everyday we pray to fight for our dreams, but everyday the line blurs at the point where our prayers stop and the fighting begins…and at the change of days, we lose precious time and precious moments…how ignorant we are at looking pass everything…

When we are given a life to live then we should live it...not just by breathing in and out, but by crossing every bridge possible…even those that are at the brink of collapse…the risks we take on define who we are and separates us from the drones that trudge through the sands of time…
Fight to be different and we will be…but our actions are restricted because we are afraid…I for one am afraid of the outcome…strange as it may sound but strange has always been a close friend of mine…

So this is what I think of the new year, and the time that is given to us…to make amends, to wallow in a friend’s sorrow, to wave to the sky, to gaze upon the moon, to laugh like a child, to cry like a child, to live vicariously at the edge of insanity, to never be afraid of going crazy, sometimes…, to let go of grudges, to be a little sinful, a little naughty, to make an effort to talk to the trees and the wind, to offer your hand to those who needs it, to be there even when you are not wanted, to dance in the rain, to give praise and to accept, to smile to yourself without feeling silly, to do at least one thing you wouldn’t thought of doing in a million years, to just sit and watch the clouds roll, to lend your shoulders for tears without question, to count the stars and to keep counting even when it seems futile, to hope beyond hope, to leave a little note to make someone’s day, to jump and scream like nobody’s business, to be happy with what you see in the mirror, to contemplate the universe, to believe in romance and happy endings, to believe in love songs and fairytales, to believe in yourself, to feel pain, to make promises, to tell the world how wonderful it is, to free your soul, to jump of a cliff diving into a deep ocean and still come up grinning, to look for those who are lost, to be lost with those who always find they’re way back, to crash and burn, to run till you feel the coming of the world’s end, to live in dreams and not be afraid of darkness, to let yourself fall in order for someone to catch you, to catch the falling rain in your bare hands, to walk a mile for a hello, to forgive with all your sincerity, to open our hearts to those who need it…but most of all, to find love…even if you find it in the most unexpected way or even…in the most unexpected person…don’t run away…don’t turn your back on those that strive to make you happy…those who sacrifice their every second to just catch a glimpse upon your smile…it doesn’t hurt to try…it doesn’t hurt to love, well, in some ways I guess…reach out to that someone who is reaching out to you, don’t push them away…you might just be surprised of what you’ll get in return…never let the fear of what others might think beat you from finding bliss...If it makes you happy, then what’s stopping you eh?...

I leave you, with words, words that I keep deep in my heart…maybe one day, I can find the words to weave into your heart…

There is always a story told,
Beyond times that furnished the world,
Beyond the pastures of green,
Where there lies without doubt a genteel dream…

I ache to reach for the stars,
They seem so close to my fingers,
Even when winds of change,
Push me back trapped in a cage…

I listen in silence to the beating of my heart,
To hear the song it sings for you,
And to feel inside what I believe,
Drowning me in swirling hues of yore…

Maybe if I walked long enough,
Through the cold beautiful forest,
Touching every leaf in between,
I might just find the fading light…

There in the midst of the waning night,
Where the howl of a lonely whisper,
Creeps unwittingly into the minds undeep,
No sound save that of my own breath…

I close my eyes to see the reverie,
In deep thoughts at the strike of the witching hour,
Bathed in the silver liquid of the majestic Luna,
Will you take my hand?...

Blessed be...Happy New Year...