Thursday, October 20, 2011

Konichiwa II

...I wonder sometimes, am I well up in my head?...the things that I do sometimes does not make any sense. Seriously @_@ ...

Last night, I nearly froze my fingers off. Seriously! Ok ok so maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit (pffft!) but it was really really cold walking back to my hotel from the office and smart me did not bring along a jacket.

The wind is getting stronger by the day. I can almost feel like if I just ran and jumped, the wind would surely pick me up flying (true story!!). This morning while walking to work, the wind was so strong that my eyes started to water from the cold sting and my jacket collar flapped so hard it sounded like I had birds tied on to my shoulders. Seriously.

I've never seen so many people on the streets before. There are more pedestrians on the road than there are cars in Japan. So unlike the situation in Malaysia. It's like clockwork here. It's sort of interesting to watch hehehe (yeah I'm weird like that).
Have I also mentioned how much the automatic lights and the heated toilet seats in the office excites me? It's like I'm a little kid! I walk to the toilet and the lights automatically turns itself on (motion detector) and I pretend like I'm some sort of super human that has super powers hehehes. Then whenever I sit on the toilet I smile coz its all warm and nice. It's weird how little it takes to make me excited. Guess I'm cheap hahas :p

The day is almost ending (for Japan Skye that is kekeke :p). It's starting to get dark outside even though its only like 5PM. The wonders of nature. Today I remembered to bring my jacket along so that I won't freeze to death (so drama kan?). I'm trying to think what to have for dinner and nothing comes to mind - go figure -___-" Hazards of having too many choices. Damnit.


PS : I'm back at my hotel and I did not freeze to death. Victory ;)

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