Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Konichiwa I

Today i had Japanese curry for lunch. It was somewhat curry-ish I guess. Of course nothing like the curry back home in Malaysia. It was nice - a little sweet and very peppery with very tiny bits and shreds of pork about. I enjoyed I guess.

I wanted to bring my camera along to the cafeteria today but thought it over and decided it was best that I did not display such unlikely (can't find a better word to describe it hahas) behaviour whilst I was here on business. The Japanese have a very tight and precise way of viewing the working professional world but somehow I think that this wall that they have is coming down. People are friendly and nice and funny - even the 2nd line manager whom I had my lunch with.

The weather is getting colder by the day and I'm starting to think that I did not bring enough warm clothes. At this rate, by the time next week, the temperature would probably have dropped to around 12-14 degrees. Oh well, I guess I have to rough it. My fault that I started packing last minute.

Okies, back to work...need to go get a cuppa to jump start the afternoon...will try to blog more when ever I get the chance...and yes more pics as well :p


PS : I'm so damn sleepy all the time in
PS2 : Since I was too cowardly to take pics with my camera...I had to draw out the pork curry rice meal I had -______-"

**update - damnit, OJT started. Can't get my kohee. Need to wait till later...le sigh...

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