Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Tickets to Japan - Say what?!!?

Article : Yahoo News

...sometimes in life, there are unexpected surprises and coincidences that are inexplicable but certainly enjoyable...

Well, whadya round-trip tickets to Japan and the catch is only to publicize the trip on blogs or social media sites :D

It's gonna start somewhere in April 2012. The Japan Tourism Agency will set up a website where anyone can go to sign up for this promotion but of course, applicants will need to submit together their itinerary and plans (what to do, where to go etc...) and also what they hope to gain and achieve through the trip. Of course, what is sponsored is only the air tickets, the rest will need to be borne by yourself. Even so, this is a very tempting offer indeed!

Hmmm...maybe another trip for me to Japan during Spring next year? :p I hope the agency would not disqualify my application based on the fact that I would already had been to Japan hahas :p

I would really love to see the Sakura blossoms...and I'm a really good writer (chehwah <---- self-praise kekeke :p) So, it's a win win for all! Hehehe...

Here's to hoping ;)


PS : I have yet to pack nor actually begin anything remotely related to my 2 week trip to Japan. When will I learn? =\
PS2 : ... ... . .... ...

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