Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Veronicas!!! [Volkswagen Street Party 2010]


Halloween's eve was just awesome!!! I got to see The Veronicas live!! (The Veronicas!!! xoxo) It was just awesome (yes, yes, it's one of those posts where I'll be using the word awesome a lot coz well, it's awesome!!!!!)
It started out quite mellow - The Volkswagen (Das Auto *german accent* :p) Street Party at Changkat Bukit Bintang started slow. Rain was drizzling and the crowd was only so so when local band Estrella started playing around 6++. Of course the majority of the crowd was waiting for the likes of The Veronicas - Australian rock band headed by a couple of the most beautiful girls (well, I think they are smokin'!!) Lisa and Jessica Orrigliasso *swoon* and also Leona Lewis - England's power songstress. AWESOME!!!
Me and my sis and friends were here for The Veronicas. It's they're first time performing here in Malaysia and they were awesome!! They rocked out their songs from their albums and we sang along to every single one of it!! We managed to push our way right to the front of the stage! (awesome or what?? :D) and got ourselves an awesome view of them performing!!! This time I brought my camera with me. Yeah it was freaking heavy (achin' arms T_T) but it was totally worth it!!! I got amazingly awesome shots of them rockin it out on stage *heart*

I was sweating like a pig (again...must be I was a pig in my past life - true story -___-) but I didn't care!!! I got pushed down and squashed by an old chinese guy (what the hell was that old fart doin there anyways grrrrrr!!) but I got up and cheered for The Veronicas anyhu - awesomely at that ;p. Wished that they're performance wasn't short though but hey, they were here and they were awesome and I can't complain *wheeeeeee*
Leona Lewis came up on stage next. Her hair was long and flowy and she wore a pretty black dress which looked stunning on her. I lost my spot in front of the stage as we went back to Daikanyama to chill after The Veronicas performed. When Leona started, the crowd was even more packed (sardines can't even compare!!) and so I only managed halfway through. The battery in my camera was dying and thus I couldn't get much pictures of her. But she belted out
all her hits like Happy, Bleeding Love, Better in Time etc...

The streets of Changkat was filled with people and on top of that they were people in costumes all around!! One can only expect as much it being Halloween Eve and all. The atmosphere was amazing and so was the party! It was hosted by Henry Golding and Kylie Chapman and I think they did a pretty good job keepin the flow goin. But of course for me, The Veronicas was the awesome highlight of the night!!!!

We left Changkat as the fireworks signifying the end of the party was displayed in the KL night sky. But our night did not end there no it did not! We headed out towards Laundry at The Curve for our own after party of sorts - awesome (say what?? :p) tequilla shots all around and jugs of beer!! I got pulled to dance and enjoyed it surprisingly!!! It's been long since I hit the dance floor and it was awesomely good to do so - thanks A!! muacks!!

After Laundry we went for a quick food stop at a local 24 hour mamak stall for some Milo Ice and Maggie Goreng (say it with me - awesome! right? right? :p) By the time we headed home it was already 5AM. Got home, jumped into the shower and then onto bed and thought of Lisa and Jess of The Veronicas as I went to sleep A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!

PS : The Veronicas said they gonna come back to Malaysia for a proper tour!!!! I can't wait for that!!! Awesome!!!
PPS : I'm gonna watching out for the next Volkswagen Street party - they throw awesome parties dudes!!!
PPPS : I'm lovin' October!!!


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