Friday, October 15, 2010

The Girl with The Painted Nails...muahahaha...

got me nails done :)
dark brown....though under fluorescent lighting it looks like it is a deep shade of burgundy ;p but if i walked under the sunlight (which is impossible coz I'm a vampire..chewah..keke) you can see
that it is indeed brown...i like the shade nonetheless hehehe :)

The place where i went to get me nails and toes done was called Colorz Cabin. It's a new place which opened up 3 months ago in Uptown. There was a special promotion going on for those working at IBM, that's why a couple of my colleagues and I went to check it out =D the staff were so friendly and nice and the atmosphere was quite pleasant. They even kindly let us (okayla, let my friends) choose a movie to watch while we had our mani and pedi done. It was a funny Msian movie called Ice Kacang Puppy Love. It was quite a good movie actually :)

Believe it or not (okay, okay so you would surely believe it one lor....), I have never had my nails or toes done, professionally that is, before. I always thought that it's sort of a waste of money coz, heck! i can certainly paint my own nails!! (no??) and after yesterday, i kinduh still think it is...don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed the pampering and all (it was damn syiok!!) but......hmmm...I dunno, if you ask me would I come back and do this again, I would say, yeah for sure I would but not as often as some people do it. I guess different people have different ways of interpreting self-pampering. For me it's just enough to hang out with a book and a cup of coffee (heaven!! XD)

I would recommend it though, to those who are thinking of getting their nails and toes done :) Colorz Cabin is a nice place, well from what I can see last night. It's good to go pamper your worn out nail beds. They do offer nail spa treatment as well (i was like, nails have spas too???) and make up services if you want.

All in all, it was a nice time. Highlight of it - dipping my hands into the paraffin wax thingie hehehe. I love playing with candles kekekeke...oh joy!! XD

PS : I started reading The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo on my flight back from London. Since getting back I haven't found time enough to finish it...sigh...
PPS : Yeah I know, how come I found time to go do my nails right??? pffffft!!! :p

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