Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paramore Live!!!!!!

I am in love with Hayley Williams! XD
God! Their live performance last night was awesome!!! I can understand now why some people say that seeing an artist perform live is way way better especially if they are as totally awesome as Paramore!! (yeah, you're gonna be seeing me use the word 'awesome' a lot! :p) I was screaming for most parts of the time!!! XD

Now, listening to their songs, I can picture them on the stage and belting it out! Hayley is truly awesome!! I mean her voice is amazing, and you know I'm not lying cause I saw her sing live last night and her voice was friggin' awesome ('awesome' word count anyone? hahas) This is their first time to Malaysia. They did venture to the east about a year ago, but they stopped in Singapore and at that time I missed seeing them (i) It was in Singapore - a bit far (ii) It was in Singapore - $$ *roll-eyes* There was about 8,000 ppl that came for the concert last nite!! I envied those at the rockzone, they were so close to Hayley! Her sweat would have showered onto them (did, I just type that out??pfft!) Me, my sis and her friends had the cheapest tix available, but the seats weren't bad actually. I could still see Hayley's bright reddish-orangey on the stage - awesome!! We stood up and danced and sang a long to all the songs they performed!! I was sweating like a pig-in-a-roast-pit! (true story). I didn't care though! Why? Coz they were effin' AWESOME!!!!!!
I knew about Paramore long before they became this worldwide phenomenon. Thanks to my sis who introduced them to me years and years ago ;) it's always great to see bands/artists that you love come out to be the awesome superstars that they are. Some people may think they had 'turned' and succumbed to mainstream popularity (my sis included :p but she still loves 'em :D) but for me, I see them as chasing their dreams and living them!! It's something to be proud of XD *awesome!!!*
Well, the high of the concert is still inside of me. Hadn't died down, so much so that I feel as though I wanna skip work today and go stalk them at the airport :p okay larrr....i'm not that much of a creep kekeke...but the feeling is there, the feeling to meet Paramore and just talk to them about their music, their inspiration and how they feel about all that has been happening to them...

In any case, I had an awesome time!! I can't wait for their next tour. I will be there in a heartbeat and hopefully I can get a backstage pass the next time XD For now, I'm just gonna continue to listen to their music (and Hayley's awesome voice! say what?!) like I had always had and hope that they will be around for a long time making awesome music!!!!

PS : So sad that I couldn't bring my camera to the concert. Would have gotten great shots of the band performing. Kept complaining to my sis throughout the concert. Damnit.
PPS : Thus, the bad quality of images taken using my Blackberry. Well, I guess it's still better than nothing huh... :p
PPPS : So how many times did I use the word awesome anyways? kekeke

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