Monday, October 11, 2010

England XD

I remember the moon, lonely and beautiful in the velvet sky. The valley blanketed by millions of stars. I stared out the car window, out into the vast open landscapes of the north. The cold night wind blowing against my face, stinging my eyes but I was still holding a smile. There, in a foreign land, on a dark night, enveloped by the cold autumn breezes, I felt content and joy and a twinge of excitement inexplicable by words...I sighed :)

London left me awed…if I close my eyes now, the first thing that pops into my head was me walking in the cold rain but it felt far from cold and wet, it felt just about right…if I wanted to write about every single day I was there, it will take more than one extremely long post. So I’m just gonna sum it up…

It felt more like home when I felt the wind blew across my face. I walked around the city with my hands in my jacket pocket and my head covered with a hat. But my eyes couldn’t stop looking around me. I’m aware that I was in a foreign land but I smiled to myself most of the times, even when the gale wind was trying to knock me off of my feet. The people were more than inviting. I guess friendly doesn’t quite explain it. They are very open with their smiles and greetings and of generally everything going on if you took the time to ask them, ‘How are you today?’ I like that…

The sceneries were amazing. It was as if I stepped in to one of the pictures I stumbled across of London. There in front of me, right before my eyes, were some of the most amazing sights that I had the privilege to see. A little dramatic I might sound but, I can’t help the way that I feel (this is a recurring theme if you noticed haha)…

If time permitted, I would have spend days just walking aimlessly around the city – no destination, no time limit, just a tiny hunger for a little adventure. And when I felt the need to rest my achy feet (which ached real bad when I was there :p), I would just look out for one of the many beautiful parks and plunk my self down to catch my breath. I knew I would enjoy sitting down in a park and just doing nothing. The towering greens singing in the breezing winds of autumn, the leaves were just about to turn yellow and orange and red. Squirrels were friendly. They’d come up to you if they can see you holding food in your hands, waiting anxiously for you to feed them a little piece. Their tails were bushy and their eyes shiny. Cute lil’ fellas 

People walked every where in London. The streets are a bustle with people from all walks of life. And in these bustles I got to see fashion at its core – on real life, everyday people. I see jackets – high collared, double breasted, short, long, poufy, fury…tops – shiny, sleeveless, funny, chic, formal, ratty hehe…on their legs – jeans, trousers, really short skirts or really long ones, mostly leggings – basic black, holey ones, patterned, scratched up…and their feet – trainers, slippers, sandals, pumps, heels, stilettos, platforms but mostly boots – leather, ankle length, knee length, black, brown, belted, cowboy, studded…I almost went crazy! I loved the fashion over there. I could see myself walking the streets just being inspired. Fashion is art and art is me…
Food was yummy!! Yes, they are not the spicy, flavor-filled dishes that I grew up with but I still loved it. Most of the days, I ate sandwiches and they were usually the most simplest of fillings such as mustard and ham but somehow they tasted awesome. And what’s more, they were soo cheap (okay la, if you don’t convert kays… :p) Missed them sandwiches…Borough Market was one of the highlights in my trip. It’s a food frenzy! - Lines of stalls in a corner plot shadowed by a church (can you say quaint? :p). When I went, it was drizzling (again :p) but the sights and smells of the market was awesomeness…
Well, good things come to an end. And I hope for me, it’s just temporary. I wish to come back and I know I will, later if not sooner, my heart still insatiable.

I discovered what I had thought I had lost – my love of art and fashion. London opened up my eyes and inspired me tremendously. And now, although feeling a little down and out since getting back, I’m psyched as well pumped to start pursuing my dreams. Been sketching a lot and scribbling more than ever. This I hope is a good sign that I am on the right path to something that I truly love XD

PS : I have that tingling feeling again in my tummy. It’s a good thing I reckon. Butterflies make me smile :)
PS1 : More pictures to be uploaded in my Facebook page soon! :) I hope hahas… :p


  1. skye, you went to the market, the cheese sandwich stall!!! sooooooo yummy!!! i so miss londong... :/


  2. I did! I did! I love Borough Market a lot!!!!
    I soo miss London too!!! T_T