Wednesday, October 13, 2010


After weeks (drama much?? :p) of intense work schedules (*wipes brows*), the chaos of the quarter month end accounting close has finally died eyes are soo tired from lack of rest and I am constantly yawning *yawn....* (see, i told ya??)'s not that I don't want to, but....I can't really concentrate on work feeling so tired and sleepy...

I cannot wait for the weekend (whee!!!) to come - it's the company's Family Day on Saturday and I am going with a bunch of my colleagues. It has been sort of like a tradition for us. Every year we would make it to the family day even if the major motivation point for us was the fab lucky draw prizes that are always up for grabs! the top prize has always been Sony or LG flat screen TVs (cool, no??) which my friend won one 2 years back (lucky her, hmmph!! :p) other than that, they also have PS3's, Nintendo Wii's, digital cameras and dvd players up for grabs!! I mean, cmon, how can you not want to win any one of those??? so i'm gonna start asking the universe for a little luck on that day hehehe...heck, I would be happy if i could win just a tiny thumb drive :p (what can i say...I'm cheap! blueekk!!!)

I'm taking time off from work next Monday and Tuesday. Mainly to recuperate and because I'll be going for the Paramore's concert (woohoo!!!!! I love you Hayley!! XD) on Tuesday night with my sis and her friends!!! Can't wait for that. I missed watching the band live when they came down to Singapore last year :( So I grabbed the tix when i heard they will be down in KL this time. All whom are going to the concert gimme a holler!! wooot!woot! XD

So in between Saturday's family day and Tuesday's concert, I still have a 2 day time period to just relax and enjoy the hours slip by. Could be planning for trip to Pavilion one of those days with my camera to do some photography and just chill...we'll see how it goes...I'd probably be too effin lazy (i am a pig..i am, i am...) to wanna step out of the house though...sigh...what is wrong with me huh? :p

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