Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7th is today...

Woke up today with an itchy throat and a runny nose...I don't wanna fall sick!!...someone tell me what can I do to get better before it gets worse??

Anyhu, I had an SAP testing for their system upgrade this afternoon. It was suppossed to be in the morning usual, it got dragged on for about 2 hours before I could proceed with my part (...sien...)...

Currently I am sitting infront of the television surfing through channels while playing Jam Legend as well as translating a 6 page article from Malay to English (haha I'm a multitasker :P) but I'm not complainin'...

1) I love watchin TV
2) JamLegend is addictive!
3) The translation's gonna get me some moolah yeah!

I hope I don't botch up this translation thingie haha. If I did then no more such tasks to help me earn some extra cash (and you know Skye needs her cash hehe)

Alrighty, gonna go back to the translation...ciao!!

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