Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18/11/2009...Just Another Day...

It's raining again outside ( it ever rains indoors before :p). Everytime I look outside the window, I wish that I could run out and just get wet in it...I used to do that when I was younger and when I was in college even...I'd probably still be doing the same if it were not for the fact that I work 24/7 and that I'm staying in an apartment on the 22nd floor where it would be such a hassle for me to actually run out the door, take the elevator down and then walkout pass the guardhouse into the rain...sheesh, too much work (I'm a lazy ass if you didn't already know haha :P)

It's so cold these pass month. The shower heater is not workin and thus I need to do this sort of cacat dance everytime I take a shower (mornings are the worst!...brrr...)

What is there to look forward to today? Hmm...well, let's's a Wednesday, don't think there is anything nice on TV tonight. I have an episode of Castle to watch.That's one thing.Other than
that, hmm...I guess I can practice my guitar...need to be a rockin' kickass musician!!woohoo!!...

Well, I'll check in a little later (as if I have an audience who reads my blog...perasan :P) any case, will come online later tonight if it's just to have a glimpse of you :)

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