Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tis' was the Festival of Lights...

so i went down to Muar for the Deepavali celebrations...the whole jim-bang was there...usual congregation spot...my aunt's place..this is the only constant place that i have in my life...my family moved around a lot...my heart nvr had a chance to settle down anywhere (hmm, maybe that's wny i'm finding it hard to let my heart go)...

like i was saying, the whole jim-bang was there..uncles,aunts,cousins...different yet familiar...the same scene again...years pass but this never changes..i don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing...hmmm =/

my memories are made up of what i remember smelling...haha...incense...yes, that was the first...the incense burning from the altar..i liked it a lot...then came the food...yumms!...i can pretty much sum up my entire deepavali as beeing a food frenzy..lol v^^

ooo yes, how can i forget!!...the HEAT!!!...sooo effin HOT & HUMID!!!taking a shower was of no use.the moment i stepped out of the shower 'WHOOOSH' a wall of humidity just hits me square in the face!!..sweat was my constant companion (no kiddin')

the first night.5.00am (dont ask me how i kno this)...it began to pour down...cats and dogs cant even begin to describe the verocity of the rain!..it was welcomed.atleast for an hour or so, it wasnt that hot & humid...but something kinduh freaky happened, when i realised it was pouring outside, i was relieved at first, but i suddenly had this weird thot (don't ask me why) - what if the rain flooded into the room??..and just on cue, the ceiling above me started to drip *drip*drop*, slow at first then it was like it was drizzling inside :P me and my big mind haha..

i wished we had some sort of resemblence of the above for our fireworks session...sigh...due to legal reasons (and us being such law abiding citizents haha :P) we only stuck to what we call 'Pop-pops'...fun!(note the sarcastic undertone? :P)

i think i've told already about the food...oh god!!..where do i begin?..we had all sorts of stuff-chicken, turkey, mutton, fish,shrimp...all day and all night long, a fenzy of eating!...i'm scared to find out how much i must have had gained over the holidays *yikes!*...must start ber-dieting edi :P

oh yeah.random.i rediscovered my love for oranges on the last night in Muar.haha. =D

well...all in all...hmm...how do i sum up my deepavali? it was like the deepavalis before i guess...nothin more nothin less...fun was had, food was eaten, families met...Happy Deepavali!! =D

PS : Mee siput is the best snack to be had in Muar!!!!!

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