Monday, October 12, 2009

Can't Hardly Wait...

There she guitar...looking good :)
I had my first lesson the other day...I knew my fingers would hurt, but didn't think it would hurt this much...been in such a gung-ho mood practicing on my guitar day in and out...look out world! here comes the next Taylor Swift hehe!! :P
been checking my fingers constantly looking out for callous' (yeah, i know, I'm weird) would be an indication of how good I'm getting (yes, it's all in my head :P)
but there you go...I made a promise to myself to take up guitar and look at what I'm doin' v^^
can't hardly wait for the day when I will be strummin' along to a song that I wrote myself and singin' my heart out (maybe performing at the VMA's? ) *roll eyes*
well, whenever that may be...I will be heading for the moment, I'm just gonna work hard and do my's hard work, but it's gonna be sooo worth it!

PS : And you know, I can't breath without you but I have to...

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