Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is me ;)

I always find it funny when people stare and gimme that 'oh-my-god-how-old-are-you' kinduh look whenever I do something silly(and trust me I do that quite often =D ) haha..

it's second nature to me...I don't find it weird at all...just the other day I was walking through my apartment to get to the shops...and just like sometimes, I would kinduh skip a little and be singin' a song that's stuck in my head for the day (i thinkit was Owl City's 'On the Wing') and lo and behold I saw a couple of teens givin' me the 'look' :P

well, me didn't give a crap la ofcourse...haha...kept on goin the way i was coz it was fun...maybe people find it hard to enjoy the company of their's a little sad though but it's understandable...most of us don't wanna look silly or stupid in the pressence of others...but these 'others' are strangers that you are never gonna meet.and even if we do meet them in some near or distant future, what's the problem then?

I'd rather have the pleasure of enjoying every single moment of this fleeting life that we hold... even if it's when I'm prancing around like a monkey (believe me, I think I have literally doneexactly that b4 :P) or if it's just something as mundane as having lunch alone in a corner shop where others just pass you by...

this is me :)

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