Thursday, June 10, 2010

My name is...

So I stumbled upon Chris Cornell's video for You Know My Name - theme song for James Bond's Casino Royale...can't help but falling back into my fantasies. Hey hey it's not what you think (well maybe it is...)...

I had always been different with my childhood daydreams growing up as compared to the other girls that I have known...most girls dream of being princesses and falling madly in love with handsome foreign princes, planning their wedding in their heads and imagining the dress that they will be wearing walking down the aisle..Sigh, unfortunately (fortunately!) for me, I did not have those sort of thoughts hahas...well, mine was more, should i put it - epic, spectacular and totally out of this world! :D

One fantasy that stands out (as I do have them still from time to time - so paiseh *blush*) is that of me doing what James Bond does!! Damn, I guess the child in me will never die :)

Is it bad though? I wanna be a spy!! Yes, I think its real cool..Yes, I'm a total geek/nerd - loony bird =\ License to kill, exotic lands, cool gadgets and cars and of course the endless lines of beautiful ppl :D aahhhhh...the wondrous pleasures of fantasies...

I guess there is no harm in indulging oneself in a little bit fantasies from time to's healthy really - stress at work, beat the crap out of someone!! hehehe...inside your head mind you...i'm not one to promote violence. But then again I want to be Agent 007...wait, I kill only bad guys!! - Justified!! :D

Well, deep down, i'm hoping to be recruited by some sort of secret organization/agency to go off galavanting and saving the world from evil dudes amped on taking over the world...when that day comes, well, you guys wouldn't know of it, coz if you did, then I would have no choice but to kill you ;)

PS : I have yet to come up with a cool spyish name and a theme song to shall be in my to-do list for the week kekeke :p

PPS : I think Casino Royale is the best Bond movie thus far and Daniel Craig makes an awesome and ruggedly handsome spy!*heart*

PPPS : The theme song for Casino Royale above is majorly awesome as well!! V^^

PPPPS : BANG!!!!!!!!!!! *me shooting into the screen and then holding up the gun in a very yeng-spyish way*

Okay Skye needs to wake up from her daydreams and get back to her work........... -_____-

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