Friday, April 27, 2012

Even Then...

..."When in the end you can't look yourself in the mirror because you wished you had done things differently in the past, it's when you realize that regrets too late in life is a mistake you cannot undo"...that's why I always do whatever I can now even when at times it breaks my heart...

I had a weird dream. Still can't decide it it's weird-good or if it was was a short dream. Happened some where in the very early morning hours...yeah, I could tell. I don't know why I remembered that =\

Anyways the dream...let's see, started out with me somewhere in some foreign city. It just seemed foreign..But don't knowexactly where...and I was rushing to get back (i think - it's all so blurry now...)...then I got a phone call saying that I needed to go to Scotland for a business trip - SCOTLAND!

Look! Look! It's Nessie!! XD
After the call it was sort of another big blurr - you know, scenes shifted, conversations mumbled...and all of   sudden I was in a rooftop office...waittt...penthouse office, yes that's right...penthouse office getting all necessary travel approval ready because my flight is in 12 hours!! And I was pacing around the office, anxious, coz, well, you know, I really really wanted to go to Scotland and I have only 12 hours to get  everything ready!! And here's the weird-best part (I decided it's weird - good :p), my company secretary, she was - Rosie Huntington-Whitley yeah! I know right???

Ok so that's basically it. Miss Huntington-Whitley a secretary was the weird part of the dream. Don't ask me why I thought that was weird. It was just is. Isn't it? Cmon, you guys agree dontcha? Weird.


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