Thursday, April 19, 2012

1+1 = 100

I find that picture of a little snow white absolutely adorable. I can't wait for Snow White and The Huntsman to come out. The movie looks to be epic with it's stellar cast and all. But mostly it's one of my childhood stories that I grew up with - all magical and romantic and funny and fun ;)

1+1=100 - yeahhhh, that's how it is in my world. If only my bank account works the same way as my brains :p I give way too much indulgence to my imaginations. Gets me into tonnes of trouble. True story. *What am I talking about???* 

...everything i could never tell you 
in this letter kept 
in words wept by heart 
in tales told by soul... 

I can't recall the last time I had a good night's sleep. My sleep has always been bombarded by dreams - every single night! Without fail. I'm not lying. This is serious shit. Ofcourse they are not all bad :p But still...point is, I think I need a good, long, dreamless deep sleep just to sort of clear out the cache in my head so that I can stop overthinking...


PS : I guess it doesn't make a difference does it? I'm leaving and you don't care. Heck, you don't even remember when I'm around...
PS2 : Gonna go home and PSP now :p

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