Thursday, September 15, 2011

Victoria Beckham Fall 2011 RTW

Love her collection for the pure simpleness in lines, design and sort like futuristicly elegant without being over the top...but I'm not quite digging how the models' heads were wrapped with scarf (I think...can't really tell from the pics :p). Would have loved to seen styled or loosely falling hair to carry this collection...but that's just me :p

I love how a lot of this year's fall collections are bright and colorful! :)

Black - how can u go wrong??

Just love the looks so comfy! Though I don't think that's what Victoria was aiming for :p

The boots and the dress and the asymmetrical one-shoulder combi - naish! :)

Loving the yellow!!

The skirt's details and the tie-on leather looking belt :)

This is something that I can see myself wearing. It's another comfy looking piece haha :p

This is just too cute! :)


PS : Just realized that Victoria Beckham has the same initials as I do :p

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