Tuesday, September 20, 2011


...sometimes looking left, looking right and looking left again before crossing might just make you not cross at all...

Kathryn Elyse's words are ringing in my head :-

"No matter where you are in your life, just go with your gut. Don’t think too hard about things; instead, embrace the flow of life!"

Truth is, I've been hiding myself from my own gut lately in pursuit of something that, if I told you, you would surely find futile and pathetic (yes, I am calling myself pathetic T_T) I think somehow, somewhere along the line, I had convinced myself that 'this' was what was true in my guts. But you know, sometimes the way that things are, is exactly what it's trying to tell you...for so long things have not turned out the way I wanted nor expected and for so long I have made countless of excuses for them, telling myself, 'It's just this one time...next time will be different...'

But you know what, that kind of thinking only wastes time. Time that can be used to live life instead of pining and wishing for it. 'What the hell have you've been doing all these while Skye?'

"I’ve always felt that over thinking things is a great way to talk yourself out of decisions."

Kathryn is right. I know this and yet I still do it. So I am here, stagnant at this point in life because (1) I did not listen to my gut and (2) I think too much (I think I have mentioned this before in some of my previous posts hahas :p) In the end, I am defeated by my own self. It's a sad notion but it is true...*sob**sob*

Oh well, the thing about life is that it's never too late to learn or change (for the better of course!). So I'll leave this post with just a few more words from Kathryn Elyse:

"Find your path, give it all you’ve got, and sculpt it to your unique self. A path to success is different for each and every one of us. Be creative and always go your own way."

And that's just what I'm gonna do! ;)


PS : I am proud of myself today - I faced my fear, went through
it (not very steadily though haha :p) and emerged unscathed hehehe
PS2 : Locating path, letting go of everything else...
PS3 : Bought something today...I mean, decided to buy something
today kekeke...any regrets? Only time can tell :p

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