Monday, July 4, 2011

Of Weddings & Marriages...

Tonight I attended a wedding. The atmosphere was good the food, hmm so so (yeah yeah call me choosy :p) the dessert (which I was looking forward to - bread pudding with vanilla ice-cream! was a let down because I bit into a teeny piece of eggshell...but then came the bride's (ooo the bride was beautiful she was! :)) father's speech. He gave a wonderful speech - it wasn't long, nor sappy or over the top. It had enough humor and love to nicely end the night. It made me smile :)

The bread pudding which held the 'surprise' kekeke :p

Love the table # !!

Attending wedding ceremonies and dinners gets me always thinking - if ever I were going to have one of my own. Growing up, I was a weird girl (yes, I know I love calling myself weird hahas :p). I don't think I have ever had any dreams about weddings or marriage. Nope none - never imagined about the gowns, the cake, the venue or anything of the sort. When I was a kid, I never thought anything of it. I was happy in my own world of fairy tales and mayhem (yeap, I imagined I was a ninja or a spy hehe) When I got older though and I hear other girls talking about how they want their wedding to be and all that, I wondered hmmm...I just wondered. I know I have always been different and there are times when I thought to myself, "Is there something wrong with me?" I have realized for sometime now that difference does not mean anything other than what the word means - just different :)

I know my parents wishes me to get married and maybe someday I will. I don't know, I mean who knows what the future has in store. It has never been in my list of things to achieve though - getting married. And I never thought of it as a big deal. Even if I met the right person, it's still not certain if I will get married...It's an incomprehensible notion to most people but to me, love alone makes enough perfect sense and I don't see the necessity to put it on pen & paper...I've got nothing against marriage and I'm sincerely happy for those who chose for it. The happy couple tonight looked utterly joyful and that is beautiful :) I wish them all the best!

I guess I'm a hopeless romantic with a twist at heart. My definition to love does not necessitate marriage and that's fine. To each their own I guess. Well, as I said, the future stands as a mystery to all of us. It's exciting not knowing how my life is gonna be down the road. Who knows I might even get married tomorrow! Okay so, that's like soo not true hehehe!...

To love, to marriage! Cheers! XD


PS : If I do get married, it will be because I just have to have a Vera Wang! :D

I *heart* Vera!

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