Saturday, July 16, 2011

Letters to God III

Dear God,

Sometimes I wish You would strike me down with lightning. Haha funny You say? Naah, no joke...just thinking out loud :p But seriously, I'm sure there are millions of people out there that constantly ask You this. Do You ever answered any one of them? I know You haven't answered mine or not I wouldn't be here writing this asking you about it :p

Looking for an easy way out because at times it's just too hard and too painful to be strong. But nothing comes easy not even the escape from heartache. You tell me time will heal all wounds but somehow to me it seems like there is no my vision obscured God? Why am I seeing walls? And after many weeks of rain, I still can't find my rainbow...

Patience is a virtue You tell the world. Patience sometimes feel like a double edged sword though. I really should stop talking like this, shouldn't I God? Hahas...I'm twisting and warping every single positive into dire negatives...well, hurt can do that to a person...and You that well don't You? :)

No worries God, I'm still doing fine. For a pessimist, I'm very optimistic (and this is what gets me into trouble at times :p). I may ask You to strike me down with lightning. And I may mean it from the bottom of my heart. But, all in all, what I really want is just to be okay again...

You'd be there with me every step of the way, wouldn't you? :)


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