Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To Live Life Through Closed Eyes...

The year end seems to be approaching really fast. I have yet to accomplish most of the goals set for 2010 and here I am sitting and thinking of what other things I wanna do in the coming year...

**I know one thing that jumps to mind**

At every crossroad that I come to, each time seems like a longer wait before taking the next step towards i don't even know where...but the 'here' that i am at now is proving to be a little harder to adjust to and I'm guessing that it's a sign for me to move on forward...I'm eager to step out into the unknown because I'm tired of the norm and looking around, i can see so much of life that has been set on routines. I don't want that.

So I am once again at a crossroad. 'Venture forth Skye', I hear my thoughts saying. Too many paths in front, all seem promising but none tells me where I will be at. I'll be a fool to think that I can be let known the future. Tempting as it may seem but I do not think I would want to know anyways...

Why do choices, a task that seemingly sounds simple enough, is proving to be the toughest deed to endure?

Well, here's to what's in store beyond the choices that we make. I hope that the path that I'm about to take is the one that changes everything for me...for the better...in any case, any change is still better than no change at all...way to be an optimist huh :p

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