Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can't (Refuse!) to Sleep...

I need to get some sleep, but I can't bring myself to. Every time I close my eyes, I wish that I would open them up again in London. I guess reality is not so enticing anymore...(has it ever been for me? :p)

So I'm up. It's 1.45AM. Star Movies is playing A Walk in the Clouds. This movie has had a hold on me since the first time I watched it years ago. I find it to be a very romantic movie - maybe it's the vineyards. I have a thing about vineyards :p I really do :) But yeah, the scene above from the movie, is one of my favorites - in the middle of the night, when the frost creeps into the valley, the whole family comes out to warm the grapes so that it doesn't freeze. They do it by lighting up little furnace fires in barrels and pulling them around the vineyard. Then each person, with a lacy wing like thing in their hands (you can kinduh make it out in the pic above), will carefully blow (direct?) the hot air from the furnace towards the grapes. And the lead couple gets into an intimate moment that's just *sigh* :)

Oh well, I really must get some sleep as I need to be in the office in like 6 hours (die...). But I really wanna watch the movie. Well, at least, to the part I described above...maybe staying up a little bit wouldn't hurt...hehe...

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