Friday, August 20, 2010

Hey hey...whadya know? It's Friday again! XD

It's always a tough one to be spending the whole of a Friday sitting in an office...but then again, Friday's wouldn't feel the way they do if we were just at home piggin' out in front of the television now would it? ;p

Looking forward to hanging out with some good 'ol friends later this evening - movie, dinner and maybe a little somethin' somethin' to spend the night away hehehe...can't wait to see you guys!!

Will be luggin' around my new Nikon to take as much pictures as I can documenting the night...hahas, hopefully I don't botch up any pics with my 'beginner' status. But even if I can't really blame me, can you? ----> BEGINNER!! muahahahaha!!

Okay, so I should refrain from writing further as, well ya know, I'm supposed to be workin' *shhhh!!..* but, it's so boring today that I can hardly concentrate on work T_T

I got Emiliana Torrini playing into my ears. I love her 'Me and Armini' album...rite now listening to 'Bleeder' - such a beautiful song :)

Okie okie, I gotta stop's 4pm. I've got like 2 hours and 45 minutes to kill before I meet up with my friends...I guess I should just work instead of dreamin' (but dreaming is good for the soul hehe)...

Until another time, in the words of Emiliana Torrini,

'When things go wrong, you find you're a believer...'

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