Sunday, August 8, 2010

There's a place called...

So Happy Town seems like an interesting show...Fox is showing the marathon for the first season and I'm watching it right now. It's supposedly about mysterious kidnappings that happened in the town of Haplin also known as Happy Town by the residents. The kidnappings bordered the mystical and the towns folk believed it was committed by the 'Magic-Man'. Well, the kidnapping had stopped for awhile now until recently when a murder happened and people started to believe that the Magic-Man is back.'s still too early for me to give any more comments on the show save that it has an interesting plot. There is this mysterious beautiful girl that seemingly knows more than she is letting on called Henley. I am interested to know her secret. So for now this shall be my motivation to keep watching the series :)

My house smells like part of it burnt down haha. And that would be my fault :p tried burning some incense and ended up burning up more things than I would have wanted kekeke...that's okay. Part of the learning process like much of life. The next time it would be better =D

I'm still not sure why I love all things mysterious and magic. It's fun I guess. It's fun trying to wrap my head around things that other people don't even try to bother to give a little chance. So it feels like I have it all to myself hehehe...sly huh? :p

Oh well, here's to Happy Town and the wonders that I hope it would bring me...cheers!

PS : Orange juice is good :)
PPS : I don't wanna work tomorrow T_T

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