Monday, February 1, 2010

The Truth about Me...

Have you ever found yourself in a state where you realise you don't really know who you are much? I mean, yeah, there is a lot of things about yourself that you still have yet to discover but how about the things which you thought you had got it down? You go about your life pretty sure about certain aspects of your life and then *kablam!* something happens and in an instant a whole new side of you appears. It's okay if that side was sorta pretty good (haha) but what if it's something you did not expect at all...? How do you explain to yourself how wrong you had been all these while?

The truth is, I just discovered a little something about myself. A side of me which I never thought I had to come face to face with. And it's a bit of a turmoil within me at the moment. A kinduh love hate relationship between me and myself. It made me realise that I truly have a lot to discover about myself...and...I think I had always liked that idea...self discovery-a little intimidating but very much exciting...I'm still learning and I love learning. So this shall be another lesson in life, another step forward...jia you Skye! :)

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